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This excellent download manager gives you a bonus to download torrent files too.

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Our Score

License Free (Open source)
Stable, BitTorrent support, download tags management, snail & pre-set speed modes, GUI view of download progress, download scheduler.
Cannot refresh expired links, no multi-queue management; no site explorer, HTML spider and multi-mirror support in the new version.

The free and open-source Free Download Manager (FDM) has stood the test of time for years and is still a good choice for a download manager. It accelerates downloads by splitting files into sections and downloads them simultaneously.

The new version of FDM has revamped to a much cleaner look with great features and BitTorrent support.

On the top of the window, FDM categorizes your downloads with tags, such as YouTube, Torrent, Video, Music, etc. To add a download, simply use the “+” button and enter a download link or a torrent file.

For each download, FDM shows the speed and size in a neat user interface. Right at the bottom panel, you can easily adjust traffic usage to either high, medium or slow speed for better performance of other programs using the Internet. Selecting an item in the download list shows you the general information of the file and how multi-threading works in progress.

It is your choice if you want to integrate FDM with its extensions or add-ons to catch downloads from browsers; it is also your choice if you want to make FDM as the default client to download and upload torrent files using BitTorrent protocol.

FDM also offers proxy settings; either use the system proxy by default, no proxy, or configure it manually for FTTP(S), FTP and SOCKS5.

The advanced features and options in FDM will make any geeky downloader’s eyes sparkle. The snail mode can be used to free bandwidth without stopping downloads. You also have the option to skip smaller downloads that can be done faster from the browser.

Besides running in Windows, FDM has a version for macOS, Linux and Android. The app is frequently updated by the community and you can expect support in the forum.

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2 thoughts on “Free Download Manager

  • 2021-08-09 at 19:23

    How does one use this programs? Cannot find info/documentation on their site?

    Also, how does one “Cast a Vote”? Needs clarification.

    • 2021-08-09 at 21:26

      That’s true. Their homepage does not seem to have a user manual or anything of that kind. I guess you need to do the try-and-learn thing. However, they do have a forum where other users can help you when you get stuck.

      Below the “Cast Your Vote” heading on this page you should see a Like button that you can click. If you do not see it, make sure you have Javascript enabled in your browser.

      Best regards,


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