Adobe Acrobat Reader

The mobile version is lighter for reliably viewing, annotating and signing PDFs.

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License Free
Link Acrobat Reader mobile app
Acrobat Reader DC
Supports PDF portfolios, password protected PDFs and fillable forms; multiple view modes, text search, thumbnails, annotations, signatures, bookmarks and hyperlinks.
Latest versions contain menu entries and options that require purchasing.

While its desktop version might be criticized for being bloated or heavy for your system, the mobile version of Adobe Reader is pretty much lighter for your Android device without losing its standard features.

You can use this app to easily and reliably view PDF documents in a variety of PDF file types, including PDF portfolios containing multiple assembled files, password protected PDFs and fillable forms.

A touch on the screen allows you to access menus to highlight, strikeout or underline text; set view modes such as single page, text reflow, continuous or automatic; enter text to search, and share documents. It also includes a very good “night mode” if you want to read in the dark.

Zooming in and out on text and images are pretty efficient by double tapping on the screen, while scrolling up and down pages is smooth with the on-screen number indicated, and thumbnails with a slider are available to preview the pages you want to jump to.

Other supported features include adding a note, signature or freehand drawing to your documents and you can change its thickness, color and opacity. Functional bookmarks and hyperlinks will provide a smooth and fast reading experience and the PDF form filling option is a real lifesaver for those users on-the-go. There is a “share” option to send your file via Bluetooth, email and send your file for signature.

Even though Reader adds all the PDFs you have opened recently in the “recent” list, it can be cleaned with no major problem. The major issue with the latest versions, though, is that they include menu entries that won’t work with this app, but with an advanced paid version. It is Adobe’s way to do marketing, we know, but you can ignore those entries and use Reader as normal.

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS systems. This review is based on the Android version.

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