Wallpaper of the Week: Misty Autumn Railroad Tracks

This wallpaper of the week is an image of gently curving railroad tracks surrounded by misty bare trees. Trees with yellow leave provide a pop of color in this vintage image.

This week’s wallpaper shows a set of railroad tracks gently curving into the distance. The railroad tracks are elevated, with mist topped trees along both sides. Evergreens scattered among the bare trees. A few tree tops have yellow leaves to provide a pop of color to a subdued, almost vintage looking image.

This wallpaper comes in a range of popular image resolutions including wide, HD, Ultra 4K 8k, and mobile devices and tablets. It can be used on desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, tablets and other devices, install it using the directions for your specific device or browser.

Download Misty Autumn Railroad Tracks Wallpaper

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