The best free painting and drawing software

Painting and drawing have become more and more popular. Many people, however, prefer working on their devices, such as their tablets or computers. This requires a certain software that is specifically made for these purposes. However, software like this can be quite expensive. Here’s a list of free painting and drawing software you should take a look at.

Clip Studio Paint

Being available for most operating systems as well as iOS and Android, Clip Studio Paint has proven itself to be good software. Especially if you’re looking for a software you can draw manga, comics, webtoons or anything similar with, you will find Clip Studio Paint to be the right choice for you. You can even use this software for painting since it offers a wide range of brush sizes. Users benefit from features such as saturated lines, 3D references and 3D model posing. Clip Studio Paint offers a free trial, the paid plan starts from only $1 per month, making it almost free.


There is no better free painting or drawing software than Sketchbook. Sketchbook offers its users a wide range of different features. From many brushes and layers to a stroke stabilizer – the app has it all. The interface is very simple, but functions pretty well and gives you an overview of all the features. Sketchbook is available for both mobile and computer, meaning you can work from everywhere.


If you need a tool in order to draw or paint more realistic pictures, ArtRage is your go-to software. To make sure that the art is as realistic as possible, the software offers different brushes and color combinations. Users will find ArtRage very pleasant to work with, as it has an easy to work with interface and basically everything you need.


With Krita, painting on your computer will be a great experience. Especially, if you’re looking for tools that aren’t the norm and might come off as a bit unusual, you will love Krita. Users can draw with different brushes and even do some animation. However, Krita is mostly known for its layer masks and wide range of color palettes.

YouiDraw Drawing

A software specifically for vector designs is YouiDraw Drawing – and it’s available for free, too. The interface of this software is easy to understand and not cluttered with too many, overwhelming features. Hence, users will come to love the simplicity of it. With YouiDraw Drawing, you can create beautiful designs and have endless possibilities.


FireAlpaca is a free digital painting software for Mac and Windows. The tool is even programmed in a way that even allows you to draw on an older computer without any performance problems. When it comes to drawing, FireAlpace offers a wide range of different features, as for example comic templates, 3D perspectives, and all kinds of brushes.

Free painting and drawing software can definitely keep up with paid software

Free painting and drawing software have much to offer. Most time, the different applications score with a wide range of different brushes as well as colors. The software is usually really easy to understand and users can lean back and enjoy the great features.

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