The best image viewing and editing tools

Editing and viewing images is essential. Sometimes images do not make people look very flattering, or the lighting is off – all of these things can be easily fixed. But in order to that, you need the right tools. Read more about the best image viewing and editing tools in this article.

Image viewing and editing tools: the must-haves

You might think image viewing tools are not even necessary, but you could not be more wrong about this. Image viewing tools help you, especially in terms of organization or enhancement of your images.

Why image editing tools might come in handy is more obvious. If you do not like the way a specific pictures looks, editing tools help you with that. The lighting or the colors might be off, the photo is blurry – there are countless ways a photo needs some touch up. All image editing tools can view images without any problems, so this overview will focus on image editing tools.

CyberLink PhotoDirector 365

Powered by CyberLink, PowerDirector 365 is an image editing tool that is suitable for a more professional use. You will not use very much expertise when it comes to this tool, however it feels a bit too much if you just want to edit one photo. Users can add different visual effects and work magic when it comes to colors. Considering the price of $40.99 per year (you can also buy a lifetime license), the tool is worth the money.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a one-time purchase image editing tool. Users pay $21.99 for the iPad version or $54.99 for the desktop version and can then use the tool forever, without having to pay another time. This tool offers countless features that improve your photos in different ways. Not only does Affinity Photo impress with basic features, such as color correction, but it also enables users to stitch photos to have more details in them. Apart from that, it has no problems with 360 degree image editing either.

Luminar Leo

Luminar Leo is perfect for you if you are a total newbie to image editing. Especially, the user-interface is very beginner-friendly and not fully packed with different features. Users get to explore the tool and try out different things. Luminar Leo will make your photos look significantly better and has a wide range of editing features to offer. Powerlines are destroying your image? The tool can handle this. A sky scenery would make your picture perfect? Luminar Leo lets you replace the sky. You can purchase Luminar Leo for about $79 and profit from its features for a life-time.

Pixlr X

Pixlr X is a tool that is available for free for every browser. This is a huge benefit if you are tired of having to download tools. However, you have to deal with a lot of ads while using the tool. This means it is only an interesting tool if you do not have lots of expectations or want to do some simple editing from time to time. Pixlr X is perfect for filters and other basic adjustments and will make your pictures look better as much as it can.

WidsMob Viewer Pro

WidsMob Viewer Pro is an image and video viewing tool and free – unless you want to use it on several devices.  What is great about this tool is its compatibility with different file and video formats. Users profit from a very speedy image and video viewing experience, which saves a lot of time. As an image and video viewing tool, WidsMob Viewer Pro also helps its users in terms of proper organization of the files. It is even possible to create a slideshow of different pictures. The tool also offers simple editing, as in cropping or color grading your pictures.

Image viewing and editing tools can make your life easier

Image viewing and editing tools are must-haves if you work with images regularly. Even if it just from time to time, these tools come in very handy and will make your life easier. Something can always go wrong with your pictures, and editing them helps you make the images look the way you want them to. The same goes for image viewing tools: organization can be very hard, but these tools offer the help you need.

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