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Your smartphone needs a new update? The easiest way to get new updates are Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. If a device is connected to a mobile network, you can transfer latest software or firmware wirelessly. OTA technology isn’t just used for new smartphones, however. OTA updates can also be used for iPods and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

What is Android OTA Update?

Android Over The Air Updates are not only necessary for your devices, but also really important for the Android ecosystem. They’re responsible for managing the Android system updates. Smartphones and other devices need to be configured for the use of the network over WI-FI. It does not only apply to Android systems, but also to the iOS devices of Apple.

How does OTA work?

The original meaning of OTA is “Over The Air”. Nowadays, OTA updates are known as operating system updates.

Such updates can be sent through SMS. Then the SIM card is configured and for example able to send multimedia messages (MMS) or such as wireless access protocol (WAP).

You can choose between different ways to install OTA updates. You can choose between automatic or manual installation. With the automatic installation, you don’t have to worry about the latest update of your device. It will be installed automatically when the internet of your device is turned on, and it’s connected to the charger.

If you choose the manual update function, you’re going to be informed about a new available update. So you can choose the time and date of the update. You can also either refuse or accept to download the latest update.

OTA updates can also be used for smart homes and other IoT devices.

Why is an Android OTA update necessary?

OTA updates are necessary to make sure that your device is safe from manipulation. It’s a way more secure and can protect you from cybercriminals. So your personal data is safe and secure from hackers. That is a good thing if you are running a company or anything larger.

Also, it’s easier to fix bugs. That can be a good thing if you have an older device. You can easily install the update by yourself. You don’t have to connect the device to the PC or go to a store to update your smartphone, for example.

But there can also be some risks in OTA updates. That can happen when the updates aren’t properly secure. Hackers are enabled to change the software or something else about the update. That can be a bad thing for the end user. For example, spyware or adware can be installed. That means that your personal information can be stolen or sold to others. Therefore, it’s important to keep your devices up to date.

What can be done to prevent the risks?

OTA updates should be encrypted. The end user should get OTA update via a secure protocol so that there’s no way the personal information can be corrupted. To keep your devices safe, you should update your smartphone regularly. That’s the easiest way to close security gaps.

FAQ to Android OTA updates

Why is an OTA update necessary?

An OTA update is necessary because it can bring security to your device and network. Also, it’s needed for using MMS or WAP.

How can an OTA update be installed?

You can install the update automatically or manually. That’s up to you.

What can an OTA update do?

An OTA update can fix bugs on your device.

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