The best free portable programs you need to have

Portable programs aren’t as outdated as you think they are. Especially today, you need more and more programs on your computer and maybe even work remotely. This is where portable programs come in handy: you just need a flash stick and can access the programs on every device. Say goodbye to times of having to clutter up your computer with different files that make the programs work. Here is a list of the must-haves among free portable programs.

Free portable programs: office


LibreOffice is an alternative for every other popular office program. Users can download LibreOffice for free and still benefit from amazing features that will get them through their office days. If you’ve worked with other office programs, you’ll find it easy to navigate through LibreOffice.

Evince Portable

If you have to deal with formats like PDF, DVI or even comic books regularly, Evince Portable is a good program for you. It lets users view documents of different formats. Having a program like this on your flash stick means you have a reliable document viewer ready at all times.

Free portable programs: web development

Notepad ++ Portable

Notepad ++ is known as a great HTML editor for Windows. It enables users to engage in web development and offers many great features, such as syntax highlighting. Even if the features don’t suffice, there are even more plugins you can download, so the editor ends up working for you.

Other great free portable programs


Of course, GIMP doesn’t have to offer as much as other image editors. However, GIMP is great for basic editing, meaning filters, retouching and more. Be aware of the interface, though: it is more on the oldish side, but still very intuitive.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers that is used on different operating systems. Yes – there is a portable version! This means you can benefit from the features – especially its fastness – from everywhere you like. Even though you might have not used Google Chrome before, it’s always good to have an internet browser ready on your USB-stick.

VLC Player

Though VLC Player has been around for a while, it’s still a very good program when it comes to watching videos or listening to audios of any kind. VLC Player does not have a fancy interface, which is good. The features are all easily accessible, but don’t interfere with your viewing or listening experience unless you are looking for them.

You can still count on portable programs

If you are tired of having to take your laptop with you all the time – or don’t even have one – portable programs can be a lifesaver. The most important programs for different purposes have portable versions. Put them onto your USB-stick and go!

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