The best software update monitoring tools

Having many programs, tools etc. on your computer means you’ll barely have an overview of the different updates that are potentially needed for your software to run smoothly. Software update monitoring tools have been developed to help you with just that. Here’s a list of the best tools that you should take a look at.

Avira Software Updater

If you are looking for a software updating monitoring tool for the most common applications, Avira Software Update will get the job done. This tool scans your applications for any updates or patches and informs you whether it has found any or not. Then, you get directed to the website of the developer of the application and can simply download the newer version of said application. You’ll have to run the tool manually, so you won’t get information on latest updates. This is only available for the premium version of Avira Software Updater.


Designed for Windows, Chocolatey is the perfect if you want to generally want to manage your software – and offers the most relevant features for free. This tool enables users to not only manage updates, but also installment and uninstalling software. If you have a somewhat broader knowledge of PowerShell and are no beginner, Chocolatey will be of great use. With self-explaining commands and the support of over 7,000 apps, Chocolatey works very quickly and reliably.

Patch My PC Home Updater

Patch My PC Home Updater is a software update monitoring tool that works for Windows and over 300 apps for your computer. The great thing about this tool is the fact that it allows users to decide whether the detected updates should be downloaded and installed automatically. So in case you forget to run the tool, it will still do its work without you even noticing. Even if you decide to search for updates manually, Patch My PC Home Updater will give you a list of all your applications and indicate the ones that are no longer up-to-date in red.

Heimdal Free

Heimdal Free is yet another free software update monitoring tool. Though the design might not be the most appealing, it works fairly well. The tool supports 100 apps, which is a good amount, considering it’s completely free. If you have made your way through the interface, Heimdal Free will scan for updates, make it download them and the job is done. If you feel the need, you can let Heimdal Free download updates automatically.


RuckZuck is one of the most simple software update monitoring tools you can get. Within a few clicks, this tool will tell you which applications need an update. You can then simply decide whether you want to update every single one of them or not. RuckZuck even supports a fairly high number – 540, still counting – of different applications, though these applications might be quite unknown.

Software update monitoring tools are very useful

Even if you do not have a huge amount of applications downloaded on your PC, it is easy to lose track of all the software and updates. After all, updates are a good thing and should improve your applications. This is why you should check for updates regularly. However, this can be quite time-consuming, which is where you need software update monitoring tools. These tools do everything for you, and you can simply lean back.

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