The best audio/video software in the year of 2022

Whether you have an audio track you want to edit and overlay or video files that need a little tinkering – you will not get around using audio/video software. The market for tools like that is enormous, so we figured we’d share with you some of our top picks today!

TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works

This software is available to download as a free test version. This way, you can actually make sure that it fits your needs before you drop some money on a software that won’t end up satisfying you.

With TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works, you have a variety of editing tools for video as well as audio tracks available.
With it, you can also convert e.g. DVD-VOB and QuickTime-films into other formats like MOV, AVI and WMV in four simple steps.


You are more of an artist when it comes to creating and mixing audio into music or even sound effects?
Then Audacity might just be for you! This free audio software gives you the ability to record, cut and edit and play any audio you might have.

Live-recordings, snippets and many functions like an equalizer, frequency analysis and effects to boot! These make this open-source tool one of the most popular free to get programs. If you are new to the scene, this program might be perfect as its mask is easy to understand and extremely user-friendly.

Audacity is available for Windows, Mac, and even Linux.

Magix Software Top 3 audio/video software:

Music Maker 2023

Easy to use, this audio software will be the start of your music! With the Music Maker 2023, you can create and cut your own beats, tracks and files. You can also choose to make use of a bunch of free sounds, soundpools and effects! Depending on what version you choose, your choices become nearly infinite!

8 Tracks on the free version become unlimited tracks for the Plus and Premium versions. But the greatest feats are the number of effects you can use and the Song Maker AI for the Premium version for when you want to get inspired by something new!

Video Deluxe 2023

Whether you are new to this territory or just want to enhance your toolbox: Video Deluxe 2023 allows anyone to create professional Video or Movie Files. With a color correction that strives to be as lifelike as life itself, animations for your very own style and speed tempering, you have all the tools in hand that you could need! Be it a shot for an advertisement, your Youtube content, cooking videos or simply a beautiful or funny compilations of your favorite moments with your friends or pets: Video Deluxe 2023 opens all possible paths up, so you can do whatever you feel like doing.

Photostory Deluxe 2023

You are not much of a fan of moving pictures, but you still want to create something beautiful and tell a story?

With Photostory Deluxe 2023, you can just browse through your photographs, choose your favorite ones and start creating! A multitude of effects, animations and even an animated map to contextualize maybe the pictures from your last trip – these tools will help you tell a story from beginning to end in whatever fashion you decide on. To remember a special day, a special person, or just the beauty in everyday life – with this audio/video software from Magix Software, you can do it all.

After Effects CS6

You are on your way to becoming a professional and want to upgrade your tool box? Then, After Effects CS6 by Adobe might be worth a look. It is the most used audio/video software in the world of animation and compositing. It wields an impressive price tag for sure, but with a free trial version, you can make sure that you enjoy working with it and are able to realize your imaginations with it, before you drop your money on it. The full version includes some more Plug-ins that are not part of the trial version, but they will surely only enrich your arsenal of creativity.

There are countless audio/video software options

Which suits your needs and wishes best? If you don’t yet know what you really want, maybe you can try the free trial versions of a select few software options first and compare them after you have used them all for a while? Whichever software you use: you will certainly be able to create great things!

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