This BitTorrent client is a good choice for users utilizing a VPN or proxy.

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Our Score
License Free (Ads)
A wide variety of options and information, impressive plugins, support for VPN and Proxy use, streaming capability, cross platforms.
Optional offers during installation, ads within the free version of Vuze interface, high RAM usage.

Vuze is an excellent client with a wide variety of plugins and options and information. It was the first BitTorrent client to add streaming capabilities.

It is a good choice especially for users who utilize a VPN or proxy, due to its options that can stop all activity off the VPN or proxy (useful if the VPN/Proxy goes down) and its option to disable IPv6 support (for VPNs that have an IPv6 leak).

The client offers three modes based on user proficiency. By default, it uses the Beginner mode that is great for new users learning about the client and torrents. Intermediate and Advanced modes offer more features for controlling, optimizing and visualizing downloads.

Many advanced users like the intricate details in this program, with streaming capabilities, VPN and Proxy support that are superior to other BitTorrent clients.

Vuze is still a big RAM user although the client has improved its RAM usage greatly since the Azureus model.

More help resources are available at its website, with Vuze Wiki being an excellent source of information and Vuze Forums providing decent support.

Vuze runs across desktop platforms for Windows, macOS and Linux, and has a mobile version for Android. The free desktop version contains ads in the sidebar, but it can be hidden and not obtrusive to the usage of the client.

Note: During installation, click “Decline” to optional offers if you don’t need them.

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2 thoughts on “Vuze

  • 2021-10-22 at 23:03

    I have been using BiglyBT, a continuation of the Vuze project run by some of the original coders of Azureus/Vuze.

    No ads in the interface and no offers in the download.

    Seems to have all the good features of Vuze and some more, without the bad.

  • 2022-06-23 at 17:24

    Ditto to BiglyBT. I transitioned from Vuze to BiglyBT & never looked back!


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