The Best Free Screen Capture Utility

Nowadays, you can copy your screen on Windows. To do so, you have to hold the Alt key, press the print screen and save it to your images. But not everybody wants to use Windows – or prefers some more features that come along with the tool.

It has never been so easy to capture the screen. No matter how much area of your screen, whatever edits you’d like to add – we got the best tools for you!

Snipping Tool

This tool from Microsoft is often pre-installed on Windows PCs. You first start the program and then use the scissors to select how much of the screen you want to capture. At this point, you can decide whether you want to screenshot only a selected area or the entire screen. You can further edit your image by freehand highlighting or underlining.

Snap Draw

Snap Draw lets you take screenshots of entire screens and windows, but you can crop them with a built-in editor. You capture the screen using a keyboard shortcut or the notification key. The advantage of Snap Draw is that you can edit your image in many ways: Captions, reflections, 3D perspective and so on. You cannot simply print your screenshot, but you can save it to the clipboard, to a file, via mail or FTP.

Screenshot Captor

This screenshot tool is rich in features for editing your images, so you don’t need an additional program. Screenshot Captor is able to capture a variety of screens: Full screen, multiple screens, rectangular areas and fixed areas. It is possible to turn the cursor on or off. With Screenshot Captor you can easily save, print, email and so on your images.


DuckCapture is a simple tool to capture a window, full screen, or object. Although the image editor is not very easy, it is very intuitive to save your images to your files, editors or clipboard.


This tool can only capture rectangular screens that can be edited in the program itself, but it can also capture a video. Unfortunately, you cannot use Jing to edit the video. However, the output can be saved to the clipboard, to a file and to, where you must be registered to use Jing.


Cropper is a tool that allows you to capture your full screen, an open window or a rectangular area. You need to actively download the image. However, Cropper is very easy and intuitive to use. It is also possible to take a screenshot and a thumbnail at the same time. The image can be saved in the usual locations.


Lightscreen offers the same screen capture options as Cropper, but has some additional features. Lightscreen allows you to take a screenshot of your screen with a delay. Not many other tools can do that. It also supports cursor and multi-monitoring. But there is also a disadvantage: Lightscreen can only save your output to files or the clipboard.

Make your choice

As you can see, there is a wide range of programs for screen recording. Which tool you should choose depends on your requirements. What kind of area do you want to capture? How do you want to save your results? And also: how important are the editing functions to you? Choose a tool that is simple and effective, then you can’t go wrong.

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