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A useful app to copy text from the areas that do not permit it.

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Copy text anywhere on the screen, easy to use and no ads.
Does not work perfectly in some cases.

Copy and paste are simple tasks that generally work well in most content in a browser or in an app but there are exceptions.

We can’t copy text easily on the screen from some apps like Google News and Play Books that have disabled copying of text, and we can feel really frustrated when we can’t take a snippet of text but have to type it out all over again.

Fortunately this excellent tool Universal Copy takes only a few steps to bypass the restriction using Android’s built-in Accessibility Services.

Published by Camel Corporation, Universal Copy allows you to copy any text anywhere on the screen or from certain apps that do not offer copying text on Android devices.

After installing this app from the Play Store, go to Accessibility Services under Settings, then switch on Universal Copy to allow its access to the built-in Accessibility Services for retrieving text displayed on your screen.

Usage is simple and straightforward. Each time when you need to copy text, open your notification drawer from the top of the screen, tap “Activate Universal Copy mode”, select the text and touch the Copy button. That’s it. You can then paste the text anywhere you like.

While in the Universal Copy mode, you’re also allowed to finetune the boundaries of the text before copying or sharing the snippet of text selected.

This great tool saves you time to write down text manually or type it out all over again. It integrates seamlessly with the system, has no ads and works in most cases at time of this review.

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