This JPEG Optimizer Works Entirely in Your Browser

This privacy focused JPEG optimizer works in your browser, images never leave your device. All image processing is done entirely in your browser. is a new online app that optimizes image in your browser online or offline. It doesn’t use persistence storage: no cookies and no local browser storage. JPG is the only format supported right now.

The interface is clean and easy to use. Upload or drag and drop files, and download the optimized images. To change the image quality (default is 75), click on Settings and use the slider bar.

If you want a privacy focused easy way to optimize JPG files online and off, this is a good choice. Currently, results are lossy (that will likely change in the future) but is entirely acceptable for most web and home uses.

If you need something with higher quality output and more options check out our article on Squoosh by Google – it works entirely in your browser too.


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