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Link your Android phone to your Windows 10 PC to increase productivity.

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The Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows app produced by Microsoft increases your productivity as it connects your phone to your PC and allows you to run Android apps, access your phone’s photos, make calls, reply to messages, and check notifications – all on your PC.

Download it from the Google Play Store for your phone and get the Your Phone app from the Windows Store for your PC if they are not pre-installed. Take note that the “Link to Windows” service instead of the app is preinstalled on some select Samsung Galaxy smartphones. (See Supported devices for Your Phone app experiences)

With the required apps or the service available, follow the setup process, sign into your Microsoft account and enable the connection. (See this helpful guideline Your Phone app requirements and set up)

After linking your phone to a Windows 10 PC, you can then leave your phone aside and make full use of your PC with the following tasks.

1. Run Android apps on your PC

The Android apps that you’ve installed on your phone can be run on the PC with the Your Phone app mirroring the screen of your phone. To enable this, both devices are to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

With the Android apps listed in the Your Phone app, you can add them to Favorites, or even pin them to the Start menu or taskbar, and with the “cross-device copy and paste” enabled via the settings of the Your Phone app, your PC and smartphone can share the same clipboard content.

You can run the Android apps on the PC as the way you do on your phone, but using the PC peripherals such as the screen, keyboard and mouse.

Unfortunately, some Android apps including YouTube are not using the sound device on your PC when tested as the sound goes back to your phone, and some desktop versions of Android apps, like WhatsApp Desktop, still work better with the size of the adjustable windows than with a mirrored screen.

2. Make calls, reply to messages and manage notifications from your PC

The Your Phone app lets you make and receive calls, view and reply to messages, and interact with notifications from your PC. The calling feature needs your PC to pair to your phone via Bluetooth, while the notification feature requires both devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Browse and copy photos

If you take a lot of photos with your smartphone, this proves to be an excellent feature as the Your Phone app allows you to browse the photos using the large screen of your PC. However, it only gets recent photos from the Camera Roll and Screenshots folders in your phone up to 2,000 images.

The Your Phone app stores a copy of your photos as a temporary file on your PC without affecting the original photos on your phone, so feel safe to open, copy, share or save with just a right-click on the PC. That’s pretty useful.

4. Copy files between your Android device and PC

Best of all, you can copy files between your phone and PC connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

To copy files from your phone, go to “Apps” on the Your Phone app, select “Open phone screen”, then drag files from Your Phone’s Gallery app or My Files app to your desired location on your PC.

To copy files from your PC, drag the files from your PC to the phone screen on the Your Phone app. By default, it saves the files in the Download folder of your Internal Storage.

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