The best file and folder management tools

Computers are used more than ever and constitute a huge part of our daily lives. With the increased usage, many types of data – be it in form of files or folders – are collected over time. Sometimes it is even necessary to have this data. However, there comes a point when there is simply too much of it. That is why you need file and folder management tools. These tools help you organize your files and folders, so you no longer lose track.

eFileCabinet: the all-rounder of file and tool management

eFileCabinet is the leading tool when it comes to file and folder management. With the very intuitive and easy usability, eFileCabinet provides its users with a variety of functions. User have access to a cloud storage to manage their files and folders. eFileCabinet is, however, more suitable for businesses because employees can be given certain permissions, such as deleting files. A huge plus point is the tools’ compatibility with the most common files.


Dropbox has been around for a while, but is still an amazing file and folder management tool. It is basically a cloud that you use to upload different files and folders as well as web shortcuts. The good thing about Dropbox is its personalization feature. Users can decide how they want to make searching for certain files and folders easier. The data can then be easily shared with other people.

Total Commander

If you do not mind more of a classic design, Total Commander is the right choice for you. It is very suitable for larger files and folders and the tools simply works in the background where you can check on the status of the transfer. The tool itself is very customizable in that users can use shortcuts to execute certain features. Users can even install Total Commander as a plugin that comes in very handy if you want to sort images by size or look for a specific text passage while using a PDF.

Google Drive

Google Drive is such a good tool because it works on every device, as it can be downloaded on every platform or operating system. This tool lets users create folders in different colors or just store files of any kind. It is perfect for personal use because you can easily transfer your files and folders to Google Drive. If needed, files and folders can be shared. The user can decide whether other users can view the file on Google Drive exclusively or simply share a copy of the document.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is accessible on every single one of your devices and can be easily downloaded. It is another cloud storage provider, and like with the others, users can drop files and folders into the cloud. The cloud then lets the files and folders be updated in the background, and you can see its progress. One remarkable thing about Microsoft OneDrive is how straightforward it is when it comes to sharing files and folders. The sharing functions in a very intuitive way, so users have absolute no problems with that.

A file and folder management tool does not have to be difficult to find

Especially today, where people take more pictures or create more files and folders in general, it is very important to find a file and folder management tool that works just fine for you. Cloud storage is always the more practicable tool, as you can easily access your files and folders from everywhere. However, if you want to manage your files and folders on your PC, you still have countless tools you can choose from.

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