Send Encrypted Self Destructing Messages to Anyone

Use this web based service to securely send encrypted self destructing messages that self-destruct from any device.

This free service lets you send private, encrypted messages that automatically self-destruct after they are read.

Privnote is a self-destructive messaging service that’s free to use from any device. It’s easy to use, fast, and requires no registration to use the service.

To use Privnote, type a message at the site. A link to the message is generated that you can share or send to the recipient via email. There are a few additional options for sending a secure note; you can set a time limit (after reading it or up to 30 days), create a password for the note to be opened, receive an email when the note is destroyed or add a reference.

Visiting the link to read the note gives a warning that the note will be destroyed and gives two options, reading the note now or later. Opening the note destroys it, with a reminder to copy the note if you need to keep it with an option to select the text.

Privnote is a web based service accessed via their site. There are no apps, and if your searching for it, make sure to visit A similar site (PrivnoteS) was mimicking Privnote to phish Bitcoin from people who used the fake site, it has since been locked down.


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