The best music library software for you!

You have a lot of music files that you love and want to organize, but putting it in some folders on the desktop just doesn’t cut it? Well, you might just need a good music library software! The list of software like that is never-ending, so we figured we’d compile our top picks this year.

TuneUp Media

With this, you will never again be left wondering why this song is on again after only 12 minutes in-between. It finds and deletes duplicate tracks. This Plug-in will also help you keep your music library looking nice! It will add an album cover whenever possible, so you know just where to look for a certain song.

You cannot use TuneUp Media without simultaneously running AppleMusic or iTunes or the Windows Media Player.

Nothing annoys you more than an audio file that’s damaged for some reason? Yeah, you are not alone. So the team behind TuneUp Media added automatic search options that will discover and replace any damaged tracks for you!


While this program was written by Apple developers, you can use the software to organize your music anywhere, even on Windows 10. Its functions may be limited there, but it will do the job if you only want a reliable tool for your music library. It will help you download, organize and record music according to your needs.

No more broken tracks to throw you off in the middle of a study or gaming session. And no more songs labeled wrongly to embarrass you or disappoint you after you thought you’d finally found that one song from that one TV ad from 7 years ago, either.


This user-friendly interface is more than just a library tool. It allows you to add lyrics to the songs for your daily karaoke sessions. You can now add covers to an album or playlist, add tags and ex- and import files. This is a freeware product to boot, so you don’t have to pay just to have a great music experience every day.

Clementine also allows access to online-radios and streaming services like Spotify or SoundCloud. This way, you have all the music and podcasts you need right with you. And since this music library software runs not only on Windows, Mac and Linux, but also on Android, you can take it anywhere you go!


It’s not just the name that’s very endearing. Its functions are also perfect for all who enjoy a nice karaoke session by themselves. As Strawberry lets you access lyrics hassle-free, you don’t have to go looking elsewhere anymore.

It includes some Audio Equalizing tools to make the music sound even better. And after sorting all your files, you can now create playlists, albums and add tags. This way, you always know exactly where to look when you feel like listening to a certain song or genre.


We could not write a list of music library software products and not mention the probably most well-known program of our generation: iTunes by Apple.

In established fashion, the library is user-friendly, and the interface is clean. Previous versions of the app were simple tools for creating and maintaining your music library. But newer versions also allow you to watch TV, stream, and download some apps. With this, the iTunes we knew as nothing more than an MP3-Player has now become somewhat of an all-in-one tool. Even if you don’t know exactly who sang that one song, the search option allows you to scroll through a list of possible artists or songs until you find it. Even though iTunes was originally intended for Mac and iOS use, there is now a Windows version.

Long story short

These are just a few of the dozens and dozens of music library tools you can find and use. Whichever suits you best – you will have to decide that. But iTunes, Strawberry, Clementine – why are there so many fruits in here? -, iMusic, and TuneUp Media are options you cannot go wrong with!

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