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DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve

The best free video editor you can come across and even rivals some of the best paid software.

Our Score
Our Score

License Free
Link DaVinci Resolve
Professional non-linear video editing combined with advanced color corrector; scalable and resolution independent; suitable for personal, studio or large Hollywood usage.
Contains complex interface that might be difficult for average users.

Produced by the Blackmagic Design, this software takes the world of free video editing into another level. It is equipped with non-linear video editing and colour correctors, and finishes all-in-one system amongst other basics such as trimming, cutting and combining.

The good thing about this software is its all-purpose use whether you are just an individual with your YouTube channel videos, or working in studios or an entire Hollywood production.

I was surprised to find out such a good and useful software is actually free and you can get it from Blackmagic Design website from the link above.

Using Fairlight Audio Core and the FlexBus audio engine, DaVinci Resolve includes more features and improvements in the new release, with redesigned primary controls, AI-based magic mask, HDR grading tools, and more.

This excellent video editor runs across multiple platforms including Windows, macOS and Linux.

Boris Diedrich

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