A music manager excellent for organizing complex music collections.

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Our Score
License Free (Limited features)
All-in-one music manager, excellent for organizing complex music collections, user friendly navigation.
Heavy on system resources, simplistic mini-player.

Right from installation, my immediate impression of MediaMonkey is that it is not a monkey, at all, but a 1000 lb. gorilla.

Just like another well-known media player that will remain nameless, it wants flex its muscles all over your computer and be your do-all media player. As an option, it instantaneously began searching my hard drives for media files.

First and most important among the many features, MediaMonkey can organize music and edit basic tags in your audio library with a potent and insightful interface, with support for download and showing album art. It will rip CDs, and convert MP3s, OGG, FLAC and WMA files into other formats.

For those who want to play DJ for your church group or social organization, there is an Auto-DJ mode which automatically maintains a number of upcoming files in the playing list from your collection. A 5-band equalizer and volume leveling via ReplayGain are supported.

Another great feature is MediaMonkey’s ability to share your music and video between Windows and Android, Apple devices, TVs and other DLNA media players as well as cloud services.

The paid-for Gold version offers additional features including high speed encoding, automatic tagging and leveling, sleep timer, unlimited streaming and more.

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