Use Firefox? Here’s Mozilla’s List of Blocked Add-ons

Mozilla takes steps to block add-ons from running in Firefox. Here is Mozilla’s list of blocked add-ons

Add-ons enable users to add features to Firefox for a personalized browsing experience. However, add-ons can also be used to compromise personal data and security.

When Mozilla becomes aware of add-ons that go against user expectations or otherwise risk user privacy and security, it takes steps to block them from running in Firefox. This may happen proactively, or in response to an abuse report.

Add-ons are blocked when they:

  • Appear to intentionally violate policy
  • Contain critical security vulnerabilities
  • Compromise user privacy
  • Severely circumvent user consent or control

You can view the complete list of blocked add-ons here:

Blocked Firefox Add-ons

(via Panzer)


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