Share Files Instantly With This Free Cross Platform Service

Share Files Instantly With This Free Cross Platform Service called SnapDrop

Local file sharing in your browser – inspired by Apple’s Airdrop.

Share files to all your devices using this browser based app.

Snapdrop is a free web app that makes sharing files across all you devices fast and easy. All you need is more than one device, a browser and a network.

The app is easy to use, open Snapdrop in any browser with more than one device. Snapdrop identifies and assigns a name to each device. To send a file, click on the device name and choose the file to be sent (files are opened using the file chooser for that device).

Files are sent instantly and the other device is notified that a file is available for download. You can choose whether to download the file. Snapdrop shares most types of files but large files may be limited by devices or the network.

Snapdrop says cookies aren’t used and files are never saved on any server during transfer. There’s no login, no sign up, no server, no database – all you need is a browser and more than one device on the same network. A peer-to-peer local connection is used when WebRTC is supported by the browser.

If you’re looking for an easy to use way to share files from your mobile, tablet, computer or other device, Snapdrop is worth a look.

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