How to Enable the Firefox Alpenglow Theme

Find out how to enable the Firefox Alpenglow theme that Mozilla recently added.

Firefox has a new colorful default theme you can enable in the browser or download as an add-on that supports Windows 10 light and dark themes. Alpenglow derives from the German term “Alpenglühen”: Alpen = the Alps, Glühen = glow. It describes the glowing colors of the Alps at sunset.

It’s rare that Mozilla makes changes to the basic UI (User Interface), but starting with Firefox 81 and up there’s a new theme that brings color to Firefox Windows, menus, and buttons.

The theme is called Alpenglow is a mix of purple, pink and black gradients. If you’re using Windows 10 dark default app mode, the theme is mostly all purple header with a bit of color gradient in the header at each end.

You can see the Windows 10 dark theme app mode in the version 81 release notes.

There are three ways to get the Alpenglow theme in Firefox:

From the Customize UI menu:

  1. Launch Firefox
  2. Click on the three lined menu in the upper right
  3. Select “Customize”
  4. Select Alpenglow from the Theme dropdown box at the bottom of the screen
  5. Click “Done”

From the add-on manager:

  1. Launch Firefox
  2. Click on the three lined menu in the upper right
  3. Choose Add-ons > Themes
  4. Enable Alpenglow

From the Firefox Add-ons site:

  1. Open the Alpenglow add-on page in Firefox
  2. Choose “Install Theme”
  3. Click “Add” to install Firefox Radiance (the themes original name)
  4. Choose “Okay, Got It”

Alpenglow is a colorful addition to the Firefox light, dark and default themes. After some time with it, I settled on the default Alpenglow mode. It took some time to get used to it and I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but’s it grown on me, and I can switch back to the defaults or download new themes via the Add-ons > Themes  section anytime.

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