A free file search utility that is the best yet: Everything

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Search files in seconds in your Windows PC.

I’ve been looking for a program like this for years.

“EVERYTHING” is a free search utility that will locate a file or folder by name located on any of your hard drives in less than a second.

“Ho-hum” you say, “there are several programs that do that.”

Quite so, but this one does it without creating massive indexes. That saves your disk space and more importantly, doesn’t slow down your PC by needing to maintain such indexes.

“But how can this work?” you ponder, “instant search utilities needs indexes in order to work.”

Yes, they do and that is the trick with this product; it uses the indexes that form part of the NTFS file system. It is using something that is already there rather than duplicating it.

It does create tiny indexes, but they are very small and created in seconds not hours. These tiny indexes are possible because EVERYTHING leverages itself off the information contained in the NTFS file system rather than recreating that information afresh.

It is a clever idea. Now why didn’t somebody (including Microsoft) think of this before?

Of course to use EVERYTHING your hard drives need to be NTFS formatted but that includes 99.9% of all Windows users, so it’s hardly a limitation.

EVERTHING can scan multiple drives, find search terms embedded within file names and can be accessed from a desktop shortcut, the Start Menu or from the right click context menu. It weighs in at a massive KB download. Yes folks, that’s kilobytes not megabytes. And it’s free.

What more can you ask for?

p.s. This item was based on a suggestion by regular contributor Rhiannon.

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