Add the Everything Search tool to the Windows Taskbar for instant search results.

Everything search engine allows for quick and easy searches across Windows for, well, almost everything. It’s a great replacement for the default Windows search, and now you can add it to the Windows taskbar.

We’ve written about search Everything before. It’s a long time Gizmo’s favorite. With EverythingToolbar, you can add it to the taskbar for easy access.

The EverythingToolbar has several options. You can view results in Files, Folders, or All and there are theme options – light, dark, and medium. The results view can display as compact, compact with details, normal, and normal with details, and there’s an extensive list of sorting options. Regular Expressions, Match Case, Match Path, Match Whole Word can be enabled.

After installation, the toolbar appears as a magnifying glass icon on the taskbar. You can click on it and start typing and results will appear almost instantly. The toolbar can be expanded so you can view the text that’s being typed. Click the handle on the side of the icon (it’s two vertical lines close together) and drag it horizontally to widen the box.

Everything needs to be running in the background for the toolbar to work, or no results appear when you search for something.

Directions and details on adding EverythingToolbar to the taskbar are at Tweaks for Geeks:
Want Faster Searches? Add Everything Search To Your Windows Taskbar!

A subsequent search shows a similar article by Martin over at Ghacks. Either one has clear easy-to-follow directions.
Ghacks: Add Everything Search to the Windows Taskbar for even faster searches

Everything search runs on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP. It requires .NET Framework 4.7. It’s malware free according to Virus Total, and there’s a portable version. You can download it here: Everything (download links are supplied in the articles as well).

If you’ve used Everything search, this a nicely done toolbar to add to the taskbar. If you have it on the desktop or pinned to the taskbar you might want to see how the EverythingToolbar compares.

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