Create YouTube Playlists Without an Account

This Austrian site lets you create YouTube playlists without an account, just using your web browser.

Drag & Drop Playlist Creator

Drag & Drop Playlist Creator allows you to put together a YouTube playlist and save the playlist as browser link (URL) that you can share with others, save in a folder in your browser, or add to the bookmark bar in your browser.

The Playlist Creator is simple to use. Open the Playlist Creator in your browser and as you browse YouTube, drag and drop any thumbnail (or URL from the address bar) into the Play List Creator. From there you can add, remove and re-order songs, copy the Playlist link to the Clipboard, add the Playlist URL to your bookmark bar, share your playlist using the Share icon, or save the Playlist link in the browser. A few of these require that you agree to the Cookie and Privacy policy to use.

Having a link to a YouTube playlist that will play in a browser with no YouTube account is a useful way to bring your playlist with you. It worked fine with small to medium sized playlists but shouldn’t have trouble with larger lists.

Drag & Drop Playlist Creator is a great idea packaged in a minimal, easy to use interface, with or without a YouTube (Google) account.


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