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Update - CloneApp v1.10.561

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CloneApp is a backup tool that is designed to back up a variety of program configuration files as well as application settings that stored in the registry. This includes many popular third party pro....

VShell Server Beta

fileforum -

VShell server for SSH2 provides secure access to Windows servers based on the Secure Shell client/server protocol. It can be used for secure network access, system administration, and file transfer. It provides access through an encrypted tunnel to e-mail, databases and other TCP/IP applications. Files can be transferred securely using SSH2 client SFTP and SCP commands.

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CloneApp 1.10.561

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A fresh re-install always makes Windows much faster but that means you lose all your program settings. When you're switching to a new PC, CloneApp will Clone your app content (Configuration files and folders from Windows directories, Registry entries, Pictures, Documents etc.) to another workspace to simplify the re-install process or only for backup purposes.

Copyright Betanews, Inc. 2015

[UPDATE] NK2Edit v3.11

The Portable Freeware Collection -

NK2Edit edits the "auto-complete" entries in Microsoft Outlook. Auto-complete is a useful feature to automatically suggest items based on the first few letters of the recipient, but over time can gather invalid or unwanted contacts. The name comes from the .N2K file extension Outlook saves this email list to.

A 64-bit version (only for using with Outlook 2010/2013 64-bit) is available.


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