Parallel Space

Runs two instances of the same app at the same time on the same Android device.

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Allows two instances of an app to run, password and fingerprint locks, one-tap cleaner and useful settings.
Supported by ads which may result in slow access to second accounts of the same apps.

Maintaining more than one account in a social app like Twitter or Facebook allows you to focus on a different group of interests, or opening two accounts for the same game app lets you enjoy extra benefits.

But most of these apps do not allow two instances of the same app to run simultaneously on the same mobile device. You would need to sign out from an app with one account then sign in the same app with another account. That’s most cumbersome to users.

To solve this, there are many tools that can create a separate space or a virtual environment to run a second instance of the same app at the same time on the same device. One of the most popular tools that have been downloaded more than 100 million times from the Play Store is Parallel Space.

This tool creates separate environments so that you do not have to log in and log out each time you want to use different accounts of the same app.

After installing Parallel Space, you can add as many apps as possible to the new environment. To run a second instance of the app, just tap a shortcut to Parallel Space, then sign in to the second account of the app that has been cloned in the dual space.

This works well and very useful for most social and game apps. However, for certain apps like WhatsApp, which uses a mobile number to sign in, you will need a dual-SIM phone to run two instances of the same app on the same device.

Like Secure Folder for select Samsung devices, Parallel Space also allows you to set a password with an optional fingerprint lock to access the virtual space. After locking and unlocking the screen, you will need to unlock Parallel Space to run the apps inside the space.

As an added benefit, this popular tool provides Incognito installation of apps and makes them only available from within Parallel Space.

Parallel Space works not only on Samsung but also other brands of Android mobile devices. It is however supported by ads and requires you to subscribe to the Pro version with no ads at a cost via in-app purchases.

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