Computer Security Guides and Articles


This is a list of guides, how-to articles and other useful items that deal with computer security.  They are sorted in popularity order but you can sort them any way you like by clicking on the appropriate column title. Click twice to reverse the sort order.

Article User rating Votes
Spyware Removal Guide 89 48
How to Improve Your Security When Using a Public Terminal 82 50
How to Tell if a File is Malicious 93 188
How To Completely Remove Anti-Virus Software in Windows 75 12
A Handy Guide To Microsoft's Free Security Tools 75 21
How to Keep Microsoft Security Essentials from Slowing Down Your System 86 54
How to Check If Somebody Else Has Used Your Facebook Account and Other Security Tips 83 8
How to add an Additional Layer of Security to Your PC 79 16
How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected 92 312
How to Protect Your Online Privacy 95 205
How to Clean An Infected Computer 93 199
How to Check If Your Computer Has Been Infected with a Wide-Spread DNS Hack 84 5
How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors 94 162
How to Fix a Malware Infected Computer 92 81
How to Harden Your Browser Against Malware and Privacy Concerns 95 380
How to be Safer and Speed Up Your Surfing with this New Security Feature in the Firefox and Chrome Browsers 83 16
What Ransomware is and How to Deal with It 94 35
How to Make a Quick and Easy Online Antivirus Check of a File or App Before Downloading it 89 24
The Definitive Guide To Office 2010 Privacy And Security 78 9
How to Easily Check an Entire Windows Folder Using Many Different Antimalware Programs 93 17
How to Deal with the Ransomware Called CryptoLocker 82 11
How to Clean and Protect Your Android Device Against Ransomware 67 14
Understanding and Dealing with the Windows 10 Privacy Issue 93 45
How to Check and Edit the Privacy Settings for Accounts at Microsoft and Google 83 15
Finds of the Week: Chrome Cleanup Tool, Windows 10 Help and How To, Free Texture Friday, Threatpost Security News 81 21
Finds of the Week: Turn Off Autofill on Chrome / Parent's Cybersecurity Guide / Keyboard Shortcuts, Ranked / NASA Image & Video Library 77 12
How to Protect Your Privacy in Windows 10 86 21
Complete Guide to Open Source Privacy Tools and Online Safety 98 8