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Happy to help : )

VLC does do quite a lot but I don't often use it myself so I'm not best qualified to answer that one.

Syncing the audio track (or subtitle track) is easily done though, it's the "Track Synchronisation" entry in the Tools menu, then in the Synchronisation tab you can shift the audio (or subtitles) backwards and forwards relative to the video.

I don't think it can do anything for camera shake, I think that's into the province of specialised video editors but I'm not absolutely certain, there might be some freeware that does it. If I come across anything I'll post.

There's a user guide for VLC here - - and another here - - or if you just Google "VLC manual", "VLC help", and similar search terms there are various websites where you can find out more about it and get a more detailed understanding of what it can do.

Also you can just experiment, explore all the different menus and settings etc and find out from experience what everything does. If you find your Preferences in a mess then there's a Reset option which will restore all the settings to default.

*Edit; Apparently Virtual Dub can work on camera-shake with this plug-in but I've not tried it myself.

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Well, I've now figured out how to use VLC :-)

I wish I could re-do my previous posting, removing all those questions ;-)
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Thank you.
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Originally Posted by sicknero View Post
You have VLC..?

In that case you can do it already ... temporarily is quite easy, permanently is a little bit more involved but it works.


Hope that all makes sense, let us know how you get on.
Dude... Thank you for the fantastic and detailed instructions, I'm a computer nerd who has used VLC every day for the past decade plus and still learned a lot today.

In the interests of being helpful to anyone else who comes here from Google (despite being a few years old now, this thread is ranked highly for a search of "vlc play video backwards"), here is the updated link for the video reversal tool by that french guy linked on page 1:

Kind regards,
- Matthew
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