Free Online Icon Editor Offers 12,000+ Free Icons [Service discontinued]

Iconfu is an easy-to-use online icon editor and library for anybody who needs to draw or modify an icon but doesn't necessarily have the means (time/money/corporate approval) to use photoshop or something similar. It's dedicated to icon manipulation, so for example the drawing canvas is zoomed 16x by default so pixel-by-pixel editing is straightforward. The most common need is to take an existing icon and lighten/darken it or change the hue a little so it matches the theme of the target site, so the colour-levels tool is especially easy to access.

Rather than attempting to provide every image manipulation feature known to the Internet, iconfu provides a basic set of tools:

  • colour channel manipulation
  • pixel-by-pixel drawing
  • gradients and ellipses
  • full 8-bit transparency per pixel
  • upload/download as .png, .gif, .ico.
  • compose icons by layering new drawings, uploaded images, and library icons over one another
  • various drawing modes that allow colours and shape (transparency) be manipulated independently
  • undoable editing history (unlimited for paying users)
  • free for icons up to 24x24px
  • compose animated .gif images from editing history

The editor is entirely javascript-based so requires no download or installation of any kind beyond a respectable browser (IE is not supported at all for now).

The library already holds over 12,000 creative-commons-licensed icons (including popular classics such as fam-fam-fam, Tango and DryIcons) and is growing. Icons are tagged so the library is easily searchable. As a registered user, you can publish your own icon on iconfu under a Creative-Commons license so that you retain copyright while reaching a global audience of icon makers. Note: As per the notice on their website, this service is now sadly discontinued.


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by peg (not verified) on 2. July 2012 - 20:17  (95662)

they have shut their doors - alas - says the home page.

by conanite on 3. July 2012 - 10:39  (95678)

Alas, yes, I've shut it down, it wasn't earning enough. Anybody interested in taking over the site? Leave a reply, I'll get a notification ...

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who visited and thanks to the community here for all your enthusiasm and ratings!

by MidnightCowboy on 3. July 2012 - 4:51  (95669)

Thanks for the notification.

by Anonymous on 4. March 2009 - 4:22  (17164)

Awesome!! Thanks for posting this link. I have been working on a site where I need various icons and it's been a pain in the butt to find good ones. This is just what I need!!!

by kunkel321 on 4. March 2009 - 3:06  (17160)

Yeowzers.... I can see where the rest of my evening is going !!! ;o)

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