Get This Ad Blocker That Works Across Apps and Browsers on Android



When you see ads on a website or in an app, it generates some revenue to the publishers who use it to cover part of the cost of providing content and do not need to restrict it to a paid subscription.

Sensibly most people don't like ads and treat them as an unwanted distraction. To do away with ads, you may install an ad blocker in a browser but, in turn, some publishers start to hide content from viewing unless you whitelist their websites from ad-blocking.

Regardless who wins the race, it's probably a noble act to support a reputable website or an app that you love and regularly go to without blocking its ads.

If you are looking for an ad blocker that has a whitelisting feature and works on non-rooted Android devices, then check out this DNS-based ad blocker Blokada. It effectively blocks most ads and tracking across browsers and apps.

Just like TubeMate YouTube Downloader, Blokada is not available from the Play Store as they are regarded as interfering with Google's business model. Get Blokada from the developer's site instead and allow installation of this app from sources other than the Play Store.

This app is free, open source and scanned clean on VirusTotal. Many thanks to Panzer for recommending this app.





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I have been using Blokada since this article came out and I am very impressed.
I rarely see any ads in my apps or in my browser and it does not cause any issues with any of the apps or browser.

If you have an Android, Blokada is a must have app.
I have told many of my friends and relatives about Blokada and all have been happy.

Thanks to Jojo Yee for this info.

You're welcome rolandflorida.

Been using it for a few days now.... absolutely the best !, I'm on the lookout for a blocker for those pesky youtube adds on my android phone !
Any suggestions ?

Just what I was looking for. Finally I can bid goodbye to AdBlock browser.. (or probably). And if it works across apps then this is a gem. :D

Not open source, eh? You're putting a lot of trust into people who are hiding the source from you.

EDIT: I was wrong. It is open source. It's listed on the first line of their website! D'oh.

It is open source jonbourne. You can get the source code at GitHub here: The link to the source code is provided at the bottom of the developer's homepage.

Ah! My mistake...not sure how I missed that.


I'd be curious to see how it compares to Adguard.

Thanks JoJo !....
Just what I've been needing for a long time on my Android phone and tablet.
I can't wait to stick it to those annoying and insulting adds.