Best Free Windows Apps

 Best Free Home and Office for Windows

Best Free Calculator for Windows

Calculator X8 (345 KB), an excellent and easy-to-use basic and scientific calculator switching between the two modes by rotating the screen, supporting multiple themes, a snapped window, touch and keyboard inputs, radian and degree calculations.


Best Free Comic Book Reader for Windows

Comix (1.21 MB), read comic books archived in CBZ, CBR, ZIP and RAR formats in your library or directly from the ComixPub collection which includes the Digital Comic Museum with over 10,000 books copyright free. Supported features include various viewing modes, pinch and zoom, and share individual pages using the Share Charm.


Best Free Cooking Tools for Windows

Allrecipes (9.09 MB), get fresh recipe ideas from a collection of over 40,000 recipes with details including photos, ingredients, directions, nutrition info, reviews and rating. You can also adjust servings, filter your search results by ingredients and dietary preference, save and share recipes easily.


Epicurious (3.97 MB), search more than 30,000 delicious recipes from Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Self, renowned chefs and cookbooks, save or email your favorite recipes, and get access to authoritative recipe reviews from Epicurious members. A must-have tool for kitchen lovers.


Best Free Dictionary and Thesaurus for Windows

Advanced English Dictionary (7.65 MB), a comprehensive English dictionary comes with more than 200,000 entries with definition data stored locally for offline access but US and UK audio pronunciations are available online only. Most entries include sample sentences, hypernym, hyponym, synonym and/or antonym in a clean layout.


Best Free E-Book Reader for Windows

Freda (2.99 MB), a remarkable app for reading ebooks in DRM-free ePub, FB2, HTML and txt formats, with bookmarks, annotations, customizable text, layout and controls. You can also access to online book catalogs including Feedbooks, Smashwords, Gutenberg, Manybooks, Ebooksgratuits, Flibusta and more.


Best Free Encyclopedia for Windows

Wikipedia (723 KB), search for useful information from millions of articles written collaboratively by volunteers around the world with this official app optimized for Windows 8, with featured pictures and articles, and events on this day. You can pinch and stretch to zoom in and out of indexes, and share articles via the Charm bar.


Best Free Notepad or Notebook for Windows

Evernote (7.18 MB), take notes and ideas with your Windows 8 device, and sync them instantly to your smartphone or the Web. Evernote clearly shows your notes as tiles in a full-screen interface and indexes all your text and tags so that you can easily search and share a note. Note authoring and editing are limited to simple text at this moment.


OneNote (15.6 MB), keep notes easily into notebooks, sections, pages or subpages with search and share features, insert or edit text and images everywhere on a page using a radial menu, and sync your notes automatically to the cloud for access via OneNote Web App. Some advanced features such as screen clipping, inserting audio and videos were unavailable when reviewed.


Best Free PDF Reader for Windows

Adobe Reader Touch (3.41 MB), a good alternative to the default Reader app for viewing and interacting PDF documents across platforms and devices using this official Adobe Reader app specially designed for the touch user interface in Windows 8, with bookmarks highlighted in the content plus other standard features.


Best Free Reminder / To-do List for Windows

To-Do Prime (1.04 MB), keep track of everything you need to do with this handy app that alerts you on set reminders, with other useful features such as organize todo's into categories, assign actions, repeat tasks, prioritize, add notes and tags for searching, backup and restore from SkyDrive.


Best Free Timer and Alarm Clock for Windows

Jujuba Software Clock (10.9 MB), a handy clock app with a timer and a stopwatch that keep ticking even when the app is moved to the background. It also comes with an alarm clock configurable with color codes and sounds, working only when your device is not set to sleep or shut down.


Best Free Unit and Currency Converter for Windows

Basho Unit Converter (2.08 MB), converts a wide range of units for common measurements such as length, area, volume, weight, temperature, pressure, speed, angle and more, with last used conversions history and useful snapped mode in a clean user interface. No support for currency conversions.


XE Currency (425 KB), easily convert every world currency with live rates updated every minute, calculate prices, monitor up to 10 favorite currencies, pin your favorite currency to a live tile, and store the last updated rates for use when offline.


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"Most folks who use PCs are professionals" Rubbish. I totally agree with the comments of VelvetElvis and speaking personally whilst I used Windows extensively during my business life I probably use it even more now I am retired, certainly in more diverse areas of my interests.
Have used all versions right up to my current Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the current version is light years ahead of those earlier ones. I have never felt the need to go to the Windows Store for anything and have never been prompted by Microsoft to do so.
For many years I purchased commercial versions of necessary extras like security etc but since finding Gizmos years ago all my apps are freeware and meet my needs perfectly for which I an very grateful.
Modern versions do collect more information about us than previously but I use O&O StartUp 10 to simply turn off those inbuilt collection apps and the social media platforms have never interested me.
I am amazed when users stubbornly stick to older, less safe and less efficient versions of Windows for non-economic reasons in denial of the indisputable technological advances.

Send Anywhere doesn't work in Windows 7. Any alternative suggestions?

Photo Fast Viewer isn't free.

Thanks for your feedback deya. It's now replaced with "123 Image Viewer HD".

I've been using 123 Image Viewer for a while now. It's good but I find it a bit buggy, although I notice it's getting updated so I'll stick with it. I've also been using Penteract Picture Viewer which is also quite good but the same applies, it's a bit buggy and could do with an update. But out of those two I prefer Penteract for my needs.

My requirements for an image viewer on one Windows 10 device are simple. I just need to view images stored locally on my 2 in 1 laptop, preferably by using touch, pinch zoom etc. Nothing fancy as regards editing and so on. I can use the Windows Photo app for that.

So I've looked around the Store, read the reviews, tried a few. The one app that I've found, so far, that suits my needs best is Photo Moto. It's a simple image viewer for your locally stored images, no more. But it works the best with touch out of the three I've mentioned. It's very responsive, navigation, zoom etc.

I just needed an image viewer (free) that allows me to quickly load images and zoom in to see them in more detail - mainly for work. Photo Moto is proving to be excellent for that.

Just a bit of an update from my previous post ....... and thanks for the apps lists :-)

Penteract Picture Viewer has been updated since. For touch, use the bottom of the screen - swipe to navigate, and pinch to exit fullscreen.

Noticed Penteract got updated. It's a good image viewer - and also, the zoom function is better than Photo Moto.

123 Image Viewer's zoom function works in a kind of mirror image way, ie, you have to move your finger in the opposite direction on the screen to where you want the image to go. Odd.

Format Converter X is not free.

Thanks for input Richie D. It has now been delisted.

It looks like the app Metro Commander is not available. There is another version with in app purchases at the following link:

You're on the spot boygnius. The original version is now marked "old" in the store and the new version added to the list.

Garbage. Most folks who use PCs are professionals who use them to do real work via spreadsheets, word processors, and presentation tools. That's just for starters. Then there are the heavy-duty applications for photo, audio, and video editing. Don't forget engineering design, modeling, analysis and simulation. Oh, wait, we omitted publishing, accounting/tax-preparation, and project planning. There are other vertical-market applications too numerous to list: a single such example involves the medical field: diagnostic tools, equipment-control, record-keeping, insurance case analysis, and many others. We don't have the space to get into software-development tools. I could go on and on and on.

Get the idea? These garbage "apps" from the Windows "store" are useless, and Microsoft's arrogant and stubborn focus on them dilutes the operating system that the Windows environment once promised professional people. They have no place on workstations, desktop systems and professional-grade laptops.

Really, what the hell *is* Microsoft's strategy nowadays? Why can't they make a real operating system anymore?

"Most folks who use PCs are professionals"
Nonsense. That might've been the case 20 years ago, but not today. Now PCs are just another appliance. We no longer have to type archaic codes into a terminal program to get our 300 baud modems to connect. Now grandma can fire up her laptop and talk to her grandkids on the other side of the planet, in real time, all with the very basic of training.
While these apps might not be yours nor my cup of tea, lots of people enjoy them, and can be up and running with them with minimal fuss. They're not intended to be used by business, and thinking otherwise is silly.
"Why can't they make a real operating system anymore?"
"Anymore?" LOL. I used to be a Microsoft hater years ago, and I started with DOS 3.3. The first versions of Windows were a joke, and serious business users were installing OS/2. Today's Windows is for the most part, solid and stable, and ubiquitous, and gets better with each iteration. The Linux revolution simply didn't materialize, and while it's a superb OS, it's never going to overtake Windows overall. I see no "arrogant and stubborn focus" on the Windows Store by MS. It's simply another revenue stream, and it's trivially easy to not see any evidence of it on your desktop. It's certainly not "diluting" my environment.
I don't go to the Windows Store for my development tools - no professional does - but I don't begrudge anyone who finds it useful . Enjoy your PC for what you need it for, but to belittle it is pedantically elitist.

Appreciate your hard work Jojo. Looking through these selections will keep me busy for awhile. I'll be checking for the Android versions for some of them to use on my phone and using the Windows version on my Desktop.

Can anyone tell me if there's a app available for missed call reminders for the windows 8 Nokia 520 phone. Not the written reminder that comes up on screen... a real audible reminder that beeps every 5 minutes or so until acknowledged.

I've been looking for weeks now with no success.... and no, my phone isn't rooted and I don't care to go that way whilst its only 6 months into the 2 year warranty.

As far as I know this app is not available for Windows Phone. Forums I have checked all bemoan its absence. if anybody does know of a fix I am seriously interested@

Thanks for this valuable information. I will check it out

NETWORK SPEED TEST from the Best Free Windows Apps sheet that it worked.
BUT when i first clicked it's "start" button to test my network speed i got an error msgs, I tried again and got the same thing so i uninstalled it BUT since I wanted to be completely sure before posting this review I re-installed it and when i clicked the "start" button this time it worked flawlessly.
Not only was it quick, but it told me what my upload, download speed was it also told me the network delay. On the the test wheel it's self it provided me with addition information of 0 - 3 had increments: music...voice calls...up to for me anyway stream high quality video.
I will be keeping this little handy app! (I think for those who play games like WoW and the like it might come in handy)
Hope this review is helpful.

Adobe Photoshop Express Free is now available at the Microsoft store.
Thanks Vic. It's now added to the list.

I recently found an app on the Apple App Store that my friend has on his iPhone.
Its an addicting game called "Whale Trail", and I couldn't find it in the Windows Marketplace. I'm not sure its possible, but if it were, then I would love to see this app on the Marketplace.

Please check it out.

@gzmhanu, Whale Trail is developed by ustwo and available for Android and iOS, but not for Windows yet.