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A little story about Sandboxie. One of my brothers, who lives in Panama, is
visiting at this time and he brought his Vista laptop with him, same PC that
last November I had installed SAS and MBAM. At that time among them, they
found a little over 200 detections. At that time I also installed Avira9 and
SBIE. When I took a close look at the PC yesterday, every program was not
working(Avira9) or definitions were 2 or 3 months old, even SBIE was not
updated(had same 3.42 that I had installed). The beauty of the story is that
even though every program was old and not up to date, I found only cookies,
thanks to the sandbox, SBIE.

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FYI. I don't know if this person had permission to post this (or if this is Anupam in disguise?!)
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