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not a windows app but it's an old windows program that still works
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I used to have radiosure installed a long time ago. If I remember correctly it used to have a few nice skins to change the appearance and it wasn't a bad radio player but not as good as some others at the time. Looking around their site, it doesn't seem to be being developed.

st-reamWriter* is another decent radio player that can also record. I still have that installed, it gets updated every once in a while. It's fairly basic, layout wise, but there's a lot more to it than playing radio stations once you start to explore the program. Takes a bit of getting used to but it works well enough.

Audials takes some beating though, I've found all the stations I listen to frequently and there's a massive choice besides. The app makes searching for stuff easy. Only thing with apps is that you can't add your own URL's but, that said, I haven't needed that feature. So far, everything I've searched for is there anyway.

*Had to spell st-reamWriter that way because st-ream is a banned word
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