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Default PotPlayer bookmark window

I'm using PotPlayer 1.6.47995 (64-bit) and when I press "H" I can only see 130 bookmarks. The other bookmarks aren't shown but I can select them by starting at the last entry and pressing arrow key down and then left to see the current entry. The older versions of PotPlayer have a list that can be scrolled down. I can't find a solution how to change the view of the list.

If it is too complicated to understand I'll try to record a video of my problem.
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Can't help you with the bookmark issue, because I never used that feature.

However, the version you have of PotPlayer is an old one, and new version has been out long ago. So, maybe update to that version and see if the issue has been solved.

Or, maybe, they changed the default view for bookmarks with the new versions.
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