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Default Video downloaders not working

could someone please explain how these could be working then cease working; now I have none that will download anything ???
freedownload manager wasn't optimal, being slow, but seemed to work ok, but now states 'not authorized user' ...
previously used freemaker - but this quit before which caused me to switch to above;
now have downloaded clipgrab but this will not do anything at all ???
PLEASE someone could you please help me get back to being able to download/upload various things.
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Your problem is unrelated to the thread topic so you should create a new thread which will get more attention for your problem. State which Windows version and web browser that you are using.

Anyway, it doesn't sound like a Free Download Manager message. It sounds like the sort of message you'd get from trying to access a network drive or some other resource that you don't have authorization to use.

You can check this with FDM by explaining your problem on their technical support page.
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