Transfer Files Between Devices With No Hassle


Dukto iconDukto

Being rich in features, AirDroid reviewed here is a reliable app to transfer files between two devices locally but you will need to sign in or scan a QR code to connect devices.

If copying files or sending some text to another device on your local area network (LAN) is all you need, Dukto is a much more convenient tool to use without any hassle and the app does it at high speed.

It works on mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry, as well as desktop operating systems like Windows, OS X and Linux.




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Couldnt get it to work between win 7 and linux

Hi, it definitely works, at least between Win7 and Android.
However, I am trying to resolve one problem. From Android 4.4. Kitkat, apps are not able to access external SD card in general, only the folder they themselves created (and it has to be located in Android/Data/ folder). While Dukto does not create any such folder, it is possible to create it manually. but it has to have specific name. Does anyone know how to name this folder to get it work with external SD card? I tried to contact the developer, but he said he has no idea :(

Sorry - can't get it to work at all (Moto G Android and Windows 10 PC)

I'm intrigued if this actually works as well as advertised. Previously I'd resorted to using smallftpd or copssh rather than trying to persuade Windows network shares to cooperate (without opening gaping security holes).

I realized not so long ago that Bluetooth file transfers in Windows are also remarkably expedient, and appropriate USB Bluetooth dongles can be very cheap – but this seems less kludgy.