Puffin Web Browser


Puffin Web Browser

An interesting web browser with a Game Pad, Track Pad and good amount of settings.


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Pros & Cons:

Nice addition of a Game Pad and a Track Pad, loads websites very fast.
Pop-up adverts. Only a two-week trial of Adobe Flash is included with the free version of the web browser.

Our Review:

Main features according to the manufacture:

  • Puffin Web Browser is extremely fast.
  • Once users experience the thrill of using Puffin, regular mobile Internet just feels like torture.

I hadn’t heard much about the Puffin web browser before I started this, but I soon found out that it has a fairly big fan base. This web browser stood out to me because the manufacture claims that it supports Flash and that it is, “Wicked fast”. To do this Puffin uses a large cloud data centre that pre-processes web pages which in turn increases speed and reduces the amount of network data usage.

When you first open the browser you are greeted with a tutorial which shows you all the features the browser has to offer. The layout of the browser is very well designed and has a relatively clutter free appearance with settings and the various features very easy to find. However, you do get annoying adverts popping up randomly.

By default the homepage is set to Most Visited Page which as well as displaying your most visited web pages, also has links to all the most popular websites such as eBay, You Tube, Wikipedia, and so forth. The look of the Most Visited Page is similar to the Start screen in Windows 8, with a tile like appearance.

The browser has a good amount of settings allowing you to customize most of the features you would expect. One downside are the bookmarks. Although it is very easy to open your saved bookmarks, there is no way to import them from any other browser and that may put a lot of people off. But clicking on the bookmark icon displays all links clearly and it is easy to add bookmarks.

A very good feature is the inclusion of a Game Pad and a Track Pad. By clicking on the Game Pad icon, located at the bottom of the window on an iPad, or in settings menu on an iPhone, a nicely laid out Game Pad appears. There is also a settings button on the Game Pad which enables you to change the functions of the buttons. When you press the Track Pad icon, also located at the bottom of the window on an iPad, or in settings menu on an iPhone, a small Track Pad is displayed at the bottom of the window. By moving your finger across the Track Pad, the curser will move across the screen. The advantage of this feature is that it makes it possible to draw images with your finger on compatible websites.

The biggest advantage to this browser is the Adobe Flash support. I wasn’t expecting this to work very well but it does a decent job. It is not able to play Flash games, which is a shame, because of the Game Pad feature. However, Flash video seems to work well and the sound is next to perfect. Sadly, Flash is only available as a two-week trial in the free version of the web browser.

The browser displays web pages incredibly fast and renders them very well. Puffin is probably the fastest browser I have reviewed. But there is a bit of a lag at times, such as when you type queries into a search engine, and the characters can take half-a-second to display.

Puffin is an interesting browser with both positives and negatives. How fast it loads websites is very impressive; however, the combination of no Flash support in the free version and annoying adverts popping up randomly makes it hard to recommend this browser.

Puffin Web Browser was reviewed by on based on version 4.0.0.