PDF-XChange Editor


PDF-XChange Editor

It serves as a PDF viewer plus basic editing requirements


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License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader

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Loads reasonably fast; can print PDFs; extensive annotation; allows filling and saving of Adobe PDF forms; can extract text and images, magnify text, manage document properties and security; Can OCR image based PDF documents.
Some advanced features are included but not free. When such features are used, resulting PDFs will be watermarked.

Our Review:

The developer has replaced PDF-XChange Viewer with PDF-XChange Editor, which serves as a PDF viewer plus basic editing requirements in the free version.

This workhorse remains the top choice in this category. It was able to quickly open and accurately render all of the files in my test set of PDF files. Pages can be zoomed or rotated and can be exported in various image formats.

Beyond its viewing capabilities, PDF-XChange has an extensive suite of tools for form annotating and bookmarking PDF documents. This extensive commenting capability includes many drawing tools, including the option to add a grid for precision. Comments can also be hidden, exported or imported. PDF-XChange has the ability to encrypt documents as well as managing document security and properties. Controls are easily accessible and easy to use.

An important part of the reading experience for me is the ability to search the text contained in the file. As a result, the one feature that makes PDF-XChange stand out from the other PDF readers is its ability to convert and save a scanned or imaged PDF document to one containing searchable text via the OCR process.

With all of its solid qualities this proven software seems to be too sophisticated if all you need is just a reader. It contains quite a number of non-free pro features, such as page modification, digital signatures, etc., for demo purpose. If you use such features in the free version, your PDF files will be watermarked.

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Impeccable software!
One of the very good features - Redaction. With it you can easy clean part of your document content (e.g., phone number or credit card) if you need to send your document somewhere. No other software has the same ability. Another my favorite work in PDF-XChange - creation and editing Forms and Content. Also I appreciate for very precise Measuring Tools.

I can't find a free version of PDF-XChange Editor now - the only option other than paying is for an evaluation version, with no mention of limitations or expiry. This is listed as a free download, not free use. The only free versions I can find on the web site are the old viewer, and PDF-XChange Lite, which appears not to have a viewer.

When someone else had pointed this out some months ago, I was confused too. But, the free version exists. I have downloaded and installed the latest version and can confirm that there it offers a free version during the install.

But, they have certainly removed the mention of it from their site, and made it impossible to know that a free version still exists. But it does.

Anupam, Tracker Software have not removed mention of PDF-XChange Editor.

You will still find it with a web search as the text on the website has not changed (https://www.tracker-software.com/product/downloads/enduser/pdf-xchange-editor):

The smallest, fastest, most feature-rich FREE PDF editor/viewer available!

Around 85% of the features require no license to use.

Approx 15% of the advanced features which are clearly identified will place a trial watermark on output if used without a license

The list of free features also remains (https://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-editor#free-product-features).


Thanks a lot Remah for these links and info :).

I'm a regular visitor to their site because I've been a long time user of their PDF-XChange software. Thanks to a great review here at Gizmo's which got me started.

Yes, same here. A lot of the free software on my PC come from the recommendations here at Gizmo. I am glad I have the opportunity to give back to the community, and to this site in whatever form I can.

IN PDFXCHANGE when i click print the print popup page to say what device to use to print and print button--that popup page is so huge i can see neither one--i have press ctrl - will not let me make smaller--any ideas out there??

I entered the game late for using PDF-X Viewer, but really liked it compared to Foxit. PDF-X was fast, used almost 1/3 the RAM of Foxit (7.3.4), a better search function than Foxit. Foxit has (some) honking big toolbar icons. So big, it requires 2 ribbons - that you must switch between.

I'm worried about continuing use of PDF-X Viewer, since it appears they won't update it. Security issues could surface that won't be fixed. Since it opens downloaded or shared files, there's more risk than an old screenshot app, etc.

Has anyone tried Foxit Reader 8 in Vista? Haven't tried it - they don't show Vista is supported - but some download sites do.

Part depends on how you actually use a reader (these are far more than readers). It appears Tracker Software won't update PDF-Xchange Viewer anymore, since PDF-X Editor was released? On my box, Editor uses 3x as much RAM as Viewer v2.5 - with *one* file open.

But w/ 5 identical files open, their RAM use is closer. Then, Viewer = 54.5 MB; Editor v6 = 59.5 MB. If you need the few extra bells in PDF-X Editor v6.0, I guess that's OK. It's obvious Tracker Software is developing Editor to compete with Adobe Reader - not worry about bloat. They even have an icon similar to Adobe's - square, red with white markings.

PdfXchange Editor has replaced PdfXchange Viewer, and it has a free version too, so makes sense to use the PdfXchange Editor.

PDF-XChange Editor V7 offers new Ribbon UI. It makes UI clean and helps to find necessary feature faster. But, if you prefer the old one, you can switch to the Classic UI.
With the new interface, Editor has a lot of new features (they all are in its Version history list). I want just mentioned one great feature - 'Autosave' functionality to automatically recover documents after crashes or closing without saving.

Portable version is available too. And, as well as before, 80% of features are free.

As of 6/09/18 this software is no longer free. It is stated very clearly on their site.

However the ""Viewer" (replaced by PDF-XChange Editor) version is still available for free and not easy to find on tracker software site. This is the link:


Free version still exists. Read my earlier comment here:


I have been using PdfXchange Editor since long time now, and always update to the latest release, and I can confirm I have been using its free version. If you go to the download page, you will see that it has two versions.. the Plus version is the commercial one. Regular version is free.

I see posts (on this page) regarding free version download.
On this forum page -

I found that page when looking for anyone else being driven to insanity (in the Viewer) by the default being the 'hand tool' rather than the 'select tool'
On the page I linked to above - the response was don't use the viewer, use the free editor, which has a setting to change the default to the tool that God intended - the select tool.
I have just downloaded and installed it, and sure enough the setup form allows you to tick the Free version.

I recall (not very much at 76) that I tried the editor a year or two ago, and did not like something (compared to the viewer).
But I will give the editor another try now.
PS At least we can minimize the ribbon, which I hate even more than the 'hand tool'
PPS My original post here also included a download link to the Free program. I see that the moderator has removed it.
So this is to let you all know that on the page I linked to above, there is also a DOWNLOAD LINK for the Free program

Thanks for the reminder to change the default select tool from Hand to Text.

I also preferred the simpler Viewer but the Editor has proven to be just as easy to use.