This service allows you to watch hand-picked YouTube videos nonstop.


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Hand-picked videos from YouTube, play nonstop, refresh playlists every day.
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Neverthink lets you play YouTube videos continuously based on your preferred channels, in which videos are hand-picked by a team of curators every day.

The user interface of this app is clean and minimalist. Upon viewing a video at any time, swipe left or right to skip to the next video, or swipe up the screen to reveal three sections of videos, i.e., Channels, Specials and Favorites.

There are more than 45 channels of videos available and categorized into most popular, catch up with news, be entertained, educate yourself, chill and relax, broaden your perspective, be inspired and more from Neverthink.

From the app, simply press the plus button to add your preferred channels to a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the screen. You can re-order your channels by drag-and-drop, or remove any of them by dragging it up.

Next to your channels is the Specials section, which includes short and temporary playlists about recent events, trends, phenomena and other surprising topics, while the last section Favorites lets you save your liked videos simply by tapping the Heart icon on any video.

The app supports sharing of video links, and casting videos to play on smart TVs wirelessly connected on the same network.

Never think about what to watch, use this app to enjoy hand-picked YouTube videos from Neverthink based on the channels of your interests, rather than YouTube's autoplay based on your viewing history.


Watch Hand-Picked YouTube Videos Nonstop From This Award-winning App

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