Malwarebytes Security


Malwarebytes Security

Keep your devices clean and safe, preventing any malware from being installed


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Pros & Cons:

Very easy to use. Fast and effective anti-malware engine. Useful set of privacy tools.
Not battery friendly. The update check scheme can be a bit overkill for most users.

Our Review:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is one of the most used programs in Windows, and its developers decided to release a version of their program for Android and iOS in order to help users to protect their mobile devices the same way they protect their desktop systems and that is how Malwarebytes Security for mobile was born. It is a clever way to expand the product to new platforms, too.

Malwarebytes Security is a 100% free application that will allow you to keep your devices clean and safe, preventing any malware from being installed. The app can scan, detect and remove all malware in the system, protect the access to your personal data, find vulnerabilities in the system settings and offer solutions to fix them, identify and inform about the permissions all the installed apps need and close possible security holes. If the app is consuming too many resources, you can enable or disable certain features of the system for a lighter operation.

After you have installed the app, using it is very simple. The main screen has 3 buttons: Scan Now, App Manager and Privacy Manager. If you select "Scan Now ", the app will automatically scan every single app we have installed in our system. After a while, it will display a notice indicating whether your device is clean or infected by malware. Using the "Application Manager" section, we can see all the installed applications. From there, you can check what apps are running and then you can close them manually if needed, if not, you can just view the application information.

The "Privacy Manager" is the most interesting section; from this we can see the permissions each app needs based on different categories. We can easily spot those apps that are allowed to access our data, read our contacts, take pictures, share our location or send anonymous statistics. At the top of that menu, there is a button labeled "security audit" that will analyze your system for bugs and security holes. If we tap on it, it will show a summary of the existing bugs and security holes. Another tap on each issue will bring the solutions list, so we can find the best way to fix it. Scheduled tasks are available too, with daily or weekly frequencies, You can even choose the specific day and hour when this task will be executed.

There is no doubt Malwarebytes Security is a very easy-to-use app and will make your device safer. It will work silently in the background with a RAM usage between 12~17 MB and ~23 MB during a complete scan.

Truth is Malwarebytes Security could easily be our top pick for this category, but there are two aspects that work against it. First, its continuous search for updates drains the battery faster than other apps as there are only 3 options to set the updates: each hour, every 3 hours or 6 hours. The only way of avoiding them is by turning off the real-time protection, which renders the logic of having an anti-malware app completely useless. Sure, you could turn off your internet connection as a workaround, but if you depend on your e-mail or instant messaging apps, that is not an option. Secondly, as good as having hourly malware definitions updates is, searching for them in such a short time span seems a bit overkill, unless you install a lot of apps and stuff from dubious sites every single hour. However, if you have a device with a really good battery and you enjoy living in constant peril by exposing your device to malicious apps and other threats round the clock, then Malwarebytes Security will save the day.

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