Dolphin Browser Express


Dolphin Browser Express

Designed to be lighter, simpler, and less resource heavy


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License: Free
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Web Browser for Android

Pros & Cons:

Small footprint, fast performance, intuitive layout, Flash support.
Limited browser syncing to desktop, privacy concerns for some, lack of updates.

Our Review:

Dolphin Browser Express is the little brother of the full featured Dolphin Browser, and is designed to be lighter, simpler, and less resource heavy.

Despite this, it still has the same excellent multi-tab browsing, bookmarks management, multi-touch zooming and Flash support with less of the clutter which will appeal to some, especially on slower devices.

If you want to browse almost anything, but without the memory and resource footprint, Dolphin Browser Express should certainly be high on your list.

The only drawbacks are lack of the excellent add-ons support of its bigger brother, and the slightly less sophisticated interface.

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