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Comodo Antivirus & Mobile Security

An awesome anti-malware app plus some handy utilities


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Awesome anti-malware engine. Simple and clean interface. Useful Anti-theft features. Great personal data backup to SD Card feature. Good and useful set of tools.
Lacks a web protection option. Does not act as Device Administrator. No specific blocking for WiFI, 3G or Roaming.

Our Review:

Developed by a well-known company, Comodo Mobile Security has its own share of characteristics starting with an awesome anti-malware plus some handy utilities that should help protecting your privacy, your data and your device itself. Furthermore, it is one of the very few 100% free security apps that remain out there.

After the install, Comodo will check for updates automatically, though it will need your confirmation to proceed. As with other apps, Comodo adds an icon in the notifications tray but disabling it won't cause any consequences. After everything is set, you can tap on the Health Check button in the main screen to check you device. Once the scan is finished the app will list the results under three categories: Dangerous, Pending and Secure, and it will add a brief description of the respective issues (if found). You can also schedule scan tasks, but you cannot choose specific locations.

Comodo has also included some useful tools besides the obvious anti-malware. The Process Manager is a redesigned task killer that shows the current RAM usage and lists all the running processes. The Traffic Monitoring and the Call & SMS Blocking tools will do what their name suggests. With the Private Space you can classify contacts or single phone numbers as “private”, so you have to write a password first to make / receive a call and send / receive SMSes. The Software Manager is split into My Software (it lists all the installed apps, the available space and lets you uninstall the programs) and the App Protector, which locks the access to any app(s) you choose with a password. You can use the Backup Tool to keep a copy of your contacts, SMSes, apps and private space in your SD Card. Lastly, Comodo has a Firewall tool aimed at blocking any app you want, although it lacks specific network blocking options (Wi-Fi, 3G) and it needs a rooted device to work. As for the USSD protection, the included tool worked seamlessly with the dialer.

The improved Anti-theft feature mixes both online (Google Maps) and offline (SMSes) options and the 3-step Anti-theft Setup Wizard will guide you throughout the process. Once configured, you can use SMSes to send the location of your phone to another one (Remote locate), notify a friend’s number in case your SIM gets changed (SIM Change Alerts), trigger an alarm (works even when in silent mode) and block your phone remotely (Remote Device Lock). You can also erase any important data remotely (Remote Device Wipe). Comodo has also included a SMS command that will activate your phone's camera and will take a picture of its current 'possessor' and send it to your mail using the SMTP protocol. On the downside, Comodo does not act as "device administrator", which limits its capacity to enforce its device protection features.

Comodo has finally improved the anti-malware engine, which proved good, and the RAM usage peaked at 20 MB while performing a full system scan, but it kept a healthy 5~10 MB while idle. Even though all these changes and additions are not bad at all, we would like Comodo to work as a Device Administrator in order to strengthen its anti-theft module. That, and addition of a 3G / Wi-Fi specific blocking option for the firewall along with a secure web browsing option, would definitely make it a top pick.

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