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This app is simplistic yet provides a great level of protection


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Offers an effective and complete security suite in a small package. Full SD Card scan option. Malware scan not limited to APKs. Very RAM friendly. Small installation size.
The junk cleaner requires and additional download.

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Of all the apps that exist to analyze our phones, many have a lot of extras. They do a good job most of the time, but the way they are implemented can make the protection of your device more puzzling. That aspect can be solved with Security Master developed by Cheetah Mobile (CM), a relatively new malware detection app for Android that comes from the same creators of the famous CleanMaster App. The app itself is as simple as you can get, while providing a great level of protection.

The main user interface of CM Security Master is not exactly surprising, but still enjoyable in its own way and looks quite clean. It won't add an icon in the notification bar, but will change the color of the interface depending on the status of your device. The main screen basically consists of a big button in the center and a small menu button in the top-right corner. A tap on the central button will start scanning the device for any threat, either in the form of a malicious application, the current settings of your system or any SMSes that may be listed as Phishing.

Once the scan process is finished, which takes less than a minute in most cases, the app will list what kind of threats and vulnerabilities require attention and will offer to solve them, either one at a time or all at once. That is the basic function CM Security Master provides, but it also offers some other features such as a Privacy Advisor and a Secure Browsing option that works with most of the existing browsers.

If you want to add an extra layer of security to your device, there is an option to schedule scans (located within the settings menu) which can be set to daily, weekly or monthly scans. But that is not all: we can also analyze the entire SD in search of any kind of suspicious files, not just apps. A fast scan feature for the SD Card is also available, however, if you need a comprehensive SD Card scan, make sure you disable the fast scan option at least for the first-time scan, that way you will be sure no malicious file gets into your device. In any case, you can further reduce the time a scan takes by excluding the apps you trust from future scans. CM Security Master has also a bundled Call Filtering option; yeah, we know that has little to do with a security application like this, but if you want to increase the security of your phone, restricting incoming calls from those annoying marketers and problematic people is a good idea and it is useful preventing scams, too.

There is a free add-on you can download to clean up all kind of junk files from your device and claim some of your storage space. Considering the add-on comes from CleanMaster, you know the grade of cleaning it can perform.

CM Security Master came as a surprise, and a very good one. The anti-malware engine works really well and its database is updated periodically, so there is little chance some malware will get into your device. The app has all the essential features every anti-malware app should have, and it packs them in a small a package. The RAM usage while working in the background is between 6 to 9 MB, and up to 14 MB while performing a full system scan, which is great news for users with low RAM. CM Security Master is a great security app the way it is now, and we like that. No catches and 100% free. Let’s hope its developers keep it that way.

Note: CM Security Master is currently only available from its website as Google has removed it from the Play Store alongside other apps suspected of violating its ad policy.

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it is not ads free

The great level of protection this app offers, maby because you spend so much time with it that you dont have time to put malicious software on your phone? It never shut up, calling you to do this, to do that, etc. Then it ask you to call is family home, and they are as talkative as it is.

This app is full of ads......., there's other apps that do just as well and are ad free like malware bytes

Unless this app has undergone a massive update it is FULL of ads. If not for third party products then ads begging you to download and install all the other CM products.... including the one you just installed and are running at the time the ad appears. When I had this app installed I spent more time dealing with its alerts, notifications, requests to install, requests to update and other bothersome tasks than I did actually using my phone. I saw ads for so many different CM products.... and all of them having some overlapping features.... that I quit trying to figure out which ones I had and which ones I needed and simply uninstalled it.

While this product may actually perform as well as the reviewer says it does the confusing number of self-promoting ads and constant alerts and notifications make it such a confusing and frustrating app that it does not deserve the 5-star rating it was givien. I would give it an overall 1-star rating.

This needs to be removed as "Editor's Choice" in the Android Antivirus category. It has lots of ads. It has an annoying notification that can't be disabled telling you that you are getting too many annoying notifications. The phone temperature feature is total bunk and will report that your phone is overheating when it's been sitting idle on the table for a while. I finally had to uninstall because I could tell it was slowing the phone down much more than it was actually helping anything. Sorry CM Security, you can do better.

The review of CM Security AppLock AntiVirus (last updated 25 May 2016) barely resembles the 2019 version I have. Not only has it added additional free features, it offers a VIP version for a monthly charge with even more features. Also, as mentioned in other comments, it is no longer ad-free. In fact, the free version immerses the user in highly obtrusive, occasionally alarming (e.g., "YOUR PHONE IS INFECTED! Click here.") and often political ads before AND after running any of its options. In any case, the current application bears little resemblance to the version reviewed almost three years ago. If you cannot conduct another full review, at least consider removing it as an Editors' Choice.