Alchemy Classic


Alchemy Classic

A fascinating logic puzzle that explains nature with basic elements.


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License: Free (In-App purchases)

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Easy and unique gameplay, fun and educational, cross-platforms but Windows version not free.
Ads supported, additional packs not free, some unexpected combinations.

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Alchemy Classic, a remake of the original Alchemy Game by Chritian Steinruecken, is a fascinating puzzle game for you to explore the world you inhabit with four classical elements, fire, water, earth, and air. From these basic elements, you can create new elements by combining at least two elements that are available and build your own surroundings.

The gameplay is pretty easy. Tap an element in a category from the top bar and bring it into the play area, in which you can combine existing elements to create a new element. To clear elements from the play area, drag them to the top bar.

Successfully created elements are added to the inventory for further mixing, and to ease searching, the elements are grouped into several categories, such as primary, nature, chemical, metals, basic lifeforms and others.

Your progress out of the total elements to discover is shown at the top, alongside your remaining number of hint points.

Tapping on the "i" icon on the top-right gets you a list of elements that are solvable, with unresolved elements marked with "?". Tapping on the image "?" in the formula gets you a hint on how other elements in a group are needed to make it up.

While applying each hint costs you some points, you can get more hint points by tapping on ads, waiting a few seconds or with in-app purchases. In the free version, an extra pack of elements is unfortunately locked and needs an upgrade that will cost you some bucks.

In this fun and educational game, most combinations of the elements are generally true to how things work in nature, despite some other combinations rather unexpected.


Explore the World from Four Basic Elements in this Thought Provoking Game

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I followed your link to the Windows app and it isn't free.

No, it is not free for the Windows version, as stated in this review.