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Tired of video getting stuck? If so, you need a video accelerator software. This type of software uses a multi-connection algorithm that increases the download speed of a video, providing a smooth and non-stop streaming.

In reality, this could be compared to either filling a tank with water from only one tap or several. I have been searching for this type of software for sometime and after some research I came across these products included in this review article.

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SpeedBit Video AcceleratorSpeedBit Video Accelerator makes videos from YouTube and over 100 sites stream faster and play smoother by reducing buffering problems and video interruptions or "hiccups". This software will drastically increase your flash videos up to 5x faster. After I installed it I couldn’t believe how much difference it makes, even when using internet for P2P downloading videos play smoothly. SpeedBit main window features a built-in video search tab for finding videos from different video websites, and a recently Accelerated tab where you can easily replay the last 10 videos accelerated.


SpeedyiTunesSpeedyiTunes smooths your downloads from YouTube, MSN Video, MySpace video, Yahoo Video, AOL video, Veoh and over 300 other video sites. Apart from accelerating flash videos SpeedyiTunes will also accelerate web file downloads, this is a bonus for users without a download accelerator. Another interesting feature is the instant saving of flash videos. You will be able to save your favorite videos while watching them, no need for a separate program to download videos. The main window features 2 tabs where users can check last accelerated videos and saved videos. A built-in video search is also provided.


My personal preference goes to SpeedBit Video Accelerator. This software does best in what was intended for, the acceleration of flash videos. After trying both products I noticed that SpeedBit Video Accelerator is more “aggressive” accelerating flash videos, making my choice easier. However, if saving flash videos is a priority I would recommend SpeedyiTunes.

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SpeedBit Video Accelerator

Gizmo's Freeware award as the best product in its class!

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Make videos from YouTube and over 100 sites stream faster, play smoother by reducing buffering problems and video interruptions, more aggressive accelerating for flash videos.
More advanced features are limited to the paid version. Bundled with toolbar and other potentially unwanted components.
2.15 MB
Feature limited freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.
Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape, Maxthon, AOL, Flock.
Windows 2000/ 2003/ XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8


Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Smooth your downloads from YouTube, MSN Video, MySpace video, Yahoo Video, AOL video, Veoh and over 300 other video sites, instant save of flash videos.
More advanced features limited to the Premium version.
6.7 MB
Feature limited freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.
Supported browsers: IE, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, Mozilla, Netscape, Flock, AOL, Google Chrome.
Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win 7

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DO NOT INSTALL SpeedBit Video Accelerator. It has HIJACKED my google chrome and internet explorer home page. The program was triggered to start with firefox as well. Some site has reviewed it as potential malware. The video speed doesn't seems to be faster using the program as well. I would not suggest this program.

I confirm the installation of SpeedBit produced hijacking of my Google Chrome h and Internet Explorer home page. Not only this. The setting of the router was impaired. I was unable to restore this condition, and the only option that I had was to re-install Windows. Number of hours lost: 12 (twelve).

We make it very clear in the program details that SpeedBit is bundled with additional components. There are many programs like this but the unwanted components can be avoided if normal care is taken during the install process. See this information page for more details. MC - Site Manager.


Speedbit hijacked my home page and I can't do anything about it because Speedbit also crashes Chrome. I finally threw in the towel and completely unistalled and re-installed Chrome. Speedbit still crashes it! I now face a lengthy ordeal before I can use Chrome again. Speedbit also hijacked Internet Explorer, which is not my default browser, but at least it doesn't crash IE so I could fix it. I'm now using IE until I can figure out how to make Chrome work again. Oh, I did uninstall Speedbit, but it still crashes Chrome every time that I try to re-install Chrome.

As is made clear in the product details, Speedbit is bundled with unwanted components. These can be avoided though if care is taken during the install process. Further information at the link below. MC - Site Manager.

Unfortunately, everything installed silently, giving me no options. A version that I installed a year ago did not have this "feature". My Registry is absolutely peppered with entries. You can get Chrome to run again if you stop the process "sbu.exe". Interestingly, when Speedbit was running, I couldn't seem to get to sites with descriptions such as "Speedbit removal tool."

I still have crap all over. Is it doing anything? I can't tell for sure. You won't be able to remove the Registry entries until you stop the process.

Update on Speedbit: The version that I installed on another PC a year ago just started feeding me pop-up ads from the Taskbar (Windows 7). Sure, they have to make money. Maybe this future feature was buried in the fine print somewhere.

If you're a "power user", check out the files that Speedbit installed in C:\Program Files BEFORE you attempt anything. You might find some valuable clues. I also found links to "un-hijack" and "uninstall" that may work (I haven't tried them yet).

Version: Release
OS: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win 7(beta)

It's beta for Win7.

SpeedBit Video Accelerator
No HD video acceleration in the free version, wouldn't that be worth mentioning?

The new version of vac is forcing you to check both make speedbit search default and speedbit homepage, which I think is malaware, spyware, or adware type of program. Unistalling the vac also does not remove both the search and homepage, so I think vac is full of crap.

Thank you for the advisory. I have now added this to the product information details. MC - Site Manager.