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PC tune-up utilities are a great way to get a performance bump for personal computers without upgrading hardware. They can repair issues that lead to instability, and help make a computer more secure by removing traces of personal information. PC tune-up utilities should be part of your overall PC maintenance strategy, which should also include a firewall, anti-malware, anti-virus and a defragmenter. This category will focus on tune-up utility suites.

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Caution: These programs make changes to system files. Before you start with any tune-up programs there are important steps you should always take to help prevent problems and provide a way to recover if anything should happen. Prevention can be your most valuable tool.

  1. Create a Windows system restore point.
  2. Have a recent back up of your critical data.
  3. Read about the utility, review the documentation, become familiar with the automatic vs. manual modes before running.



Rated Products

Prelude: All the programs tested offer similar features. My first objective was to test them against each other to determine which programs removed the most data using the one-click option. While CCleaner performed admirably (comparable to Glary), it lacked the one-click feature and the additional suite options so it wasn't included in my list. All of the programs reviewed are suitable for the novice user. ToolWiz removed the most data in my tests. Glary is the best on-demand program performing the fastest one-click clean with good results.

ToolWiz Care  

An excellent tune-up tool with one-click features

Our Rating: 
License: Free
Runs fast, thoroughly cleans registry, hard drive, and privacy tracking.
No help leaving novice users stranded.
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Glary Utilities  

The best on-demand cleaner with 1-click scan and repair

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Ads)
Fast and simple. Good for on-demand scanning. Clear concise options.
Doesn't provide system monitoring, ads to upgrade to pro version.
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Hi  Shouldn`t ccleaner be added ? I have used and recommended it for many years and never had any problems

I will be 71 this month and not all that smart when it comes to computers. Yes, I can find the "on-off-delete" buttons, but at times I wish there was a place I could kick my computer in the ass so it would do what I wanted it to! It's worse than my Brother-In-Law! This review along with all the comments that followed have given me some great ideas as to the free tools I might use to clear up and fix some of my computer's problems. And yes, some of you are probably laughing and saying to yourselves that none of these programs will fix OPERATOR ERROR type problems. [I spent over 23 years in electronic maintenance in the Air Force and the thing that pissed the Maintenance Chief off the most was to see OPERATOR ERROR on an outage report.] But, I am learning more each day and thanks to sites and articles like this, I'm having less 'downtime'. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Unfortunately for me all Toolwiz did was more than double my memory usage and stop Adblock+ working, and without any help facility it's not apparent what caused it.

In the review of one-click maintenance programs you gave only got 2 suggested programs (and a blurb on CCleaner saying it doesn't really fit in this category)? What about Baidu PC Faster, IOBit Advanced System Care and good old BlueSprig, Inc. JetClean? These are all freeware, Baidu and JetClean are quite zippy and Advanced System Care is simple, takes a while to complete, but is thorough. I'm sure there must be others. Guys, not to be snarky, but even if you don't like the others, you might put a quick mention of them in your article and a quick summary of your conclusions about them. Really, only 2 ...?

I believe there is a link error re Toolwiz Care. The download link leads to WinUtilities Free download page. As far as I know they are different programs from different publishers. I do note though that WinUtilities Free is highly regarded elsewhere and worth a look for those considering one of these programs.


Thanks for pointing out Epsilon. The download link has now been fixed.

it was good to read

I also had problems with Toolwiz - deleted it a couple of years ago.

Last fall, I ran the latest version of Glary and it ran amok. It deleted stuff it should not have deleted - using its standard default options. I had used it prior for a few years without problems.

I just deleted Advanced System Care (IOBIT) a couple of months ago after updating the latest release. It ended up installing crapola that I did not want and created some minor problems. I still use its Smart Defrag, but nothing else.

I also stopped CNET a few years back as soon as they started installing crapware and hi-jacking my browser, etc. As I recall, when they initially switched to their new "ad mode"/hi-jack business model, I dropped it. I also used to like Softpedia, but then they started the same thing as CNET and I no longer use them. I should note that it depends on what you are downloading - some of the truly free S/W still comes without the crapware/hi-jackers. Yes, I know, in many cases you might get an "option box" during install to "not accept", but a lot of times you have to select the "Customize" option at the start of the install (if the option is made available).

I have found Majorgeeks to be a reliable site and have yet to get any crapware/hi-jackware from their site. SourceForge has also been a good site (although I have heard some rumblings they will be changing their "business model" too).

As far as tools, I use CCleaner, Wise Care 365 and Puran (the Puran Disk Defrag seems to work quite well).

"I also used to like Softpedia, but then they started the same thing as CNET and I no longer use them." Are you sure you talking about Softpedia, because it has never went with bundling adware with it's products.

Yes, it was Softpedia. Not every S/W they make available contains crapware. Also, I did not mean to imply that Softpedia actually inserts the crapware in those offerings that contain it. However, you know a piece of S/W is xxMB and when you get a yyKB download "installer", you can bet it will typically load crapware, hi-jack your browser's home page, etc. Most will give you an option to skip it (too many only give you that option via the "Customize" route).

So when you down some S/W from Softpedia and its yyKB in size and then download the same S/W from a site like Majorgeeks or Filehippo, and its xxMB in size, yu know the smaller one is an installer for crapware.

Along this lines, I also have a beef with Flash Player. I use Firefox and whenever I get a Flash Player alert to download the newest update, you get a checkbox - already checked - to also install McAfee A/V. I do not care for it and do not find it as reliable as other A/V S/W. If you happen to install it, you need a special S/W package (MCPR - McAfee ESD) to uninstall it. BTW, they are not the only A/V S/W hat requires a special package to uninstall. Avast is another (see avastclear).

I understand that some outfits have a business model that depends on ads, installing other S/W (ala FP), etc. I have no problem with it as long as they are up front and open about it and not burying it to catch some unaware user - considering most home users are not that savvy - to them a PC is another home appliance - turn it on like a TV and go!

This comment from the interesting article linked below sums up Softpedia's approach to what they host and may help to overcome the confusion. "@geek — Download portals like Softpedia & MajorGeeks do not bundle 3rd-party installers with their own in-house wrappers or offers. You have overlooked the sad reality that some freeware installers are bundled with crapware by their own developers. Or are you expecting Softpedia & MajorGeeks to unbundle such installers as an extra service ? sunglasses Using the article's example of the Unlocker 1.9.2 installer downloaded from Softpedia, the reason why this installer offered Delta Toolbar is because Unlocker's developer himself had bundled the installer with Delta Toolbar. You get the same Delta Toolbar offer alongside Unlocker 1.9.2 even when you download the installer from the official Unlocker site (ie. the developer's Empty Loop website). The only way to avoid this is to choose the portable version which is v 1.9.0. (Accordingly, Unlocker 1.9.0 Portable is also available at Softpedia, w/o any extra wrapper of course.) Unfortunately, not all freeware developers offer crapware-free portable/ non-installer versions, even if users are willing to settle for older versions that might be more buggy & more insecure. Note: A recent UI change saw Softpedia downplaying its advisory about crapware-bundled 3rd-party installers. The advisory is now relegated to a brief mention at the sidebar, eg. "What's new in Unlocker 1.9.2 [...] Promotional feature: Fully optional Delta toolbar". Personally, I prefer Softpedia's previously detailed & explicit advisory about "ad-supported installation", even if it comes at the end of the software's article". MC - Site Manager.
Agreed. Sounds more like Softonic to me. MC - Site Manager.
Thanks for the comment Bob! I just became editor of this category and I plan to take your suggestion and add CCleaner. I will also take a look at your other 2 suggestions as well. Thanks again for the input.

Toolwiz Care. This procuct is dangerous. After using the default cleanup I got "Resource file C_PsdRsDll" error appears when I start the computer.

This applies to any program of this type and also to registry cleaners which is why we include a warning advisory in the introduction. MC - Site Manager.

Yes indeed, I should have heeded the warning - and will probably do so in future!
Even so I have used the CCleaner registry cleaner for years and never had a single problem.

Cannot download "ToolWiz Care" from the developer website given above.It doesn't seem to have it on their website.It is available on softpedia.

Thanks for pointing this out. There is still a vendor page for ToolWiz Care but unfortunately it is no longer in English. I've substituted the Softpedia link instead. MC - Site Manager.

Hi Re GLARY, your comment says "This program also adds a lot to the startup process, so I recommend adjusting the options in the settings menu". Sorry, what do you mean?

Is that adds time, complexity, needless options, or handy resources? And what options?

Glary will add a lot of monitoring features to the Windows start up that aren't really needed.

Wise Care 365 Free still not included? I have been using it for years and it works flawlessly on Windows 8.1 x64. I have had only one problem and when I reported it, they fixed it and released the new version the next day. Version 3.0 has nice Windows 8 looking GUI, but I do not like, that they included a pointless tray icon with it. I regularly test the best soft in this category and so far I keep Wise + CCleaner. SlimCleaner suite should also be mentioned. Privazer seems nice too, but it does not really clean that much more, but its scan takes hours stressing HDD too much. Glary Utilities could use better GUI. IOBit with its 300% speed improvement's joke is obviously out of question. :/

360Amigo System Speedup is no longer freeware. It has now become Avira System Speedup, since Avira bought it out.

On Majorgeeks site, the software is no longer available. However it is still available on Cnet.

That's a disappointment. I really like 360 Amigo.

The product is also still available as freeware from Softpedia. I have changed our download link to reflect this although it does look destined to disappear as freeware altogether at some point. MC - Site Manager.

MC - Thanks for the update.

So far so good. Will this really help to assist me in running a faster laptop, without any faults or mistakes in it?

What program are you trying?

Gizmo's -super so far (so good)

Category Update: New reviews are in progress for this category. Still testing, results in a week or two.

What about PrivaZer everyone is rating this.