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A typo is a typographic error that occurs in the typing process. This can happen for various reasons: distraction, lack of concentration, fingers striking the wrong keys, etc.

To help reduce the mistakes, users can install a good spell checker which helps check typos almost completely in a few seconds, and suggest a list of correct words for replacement right on the screen. Quite often the spell checker picks up the mistakes more reliably than the human eyes can.


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An impressive little utility checks individual words on a correct-as-you-type basis.

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License: Free (Limited features)
Check as you type, add words as needed, low resource demands, enable and disable from the taskbar icon.
Combined American and English spelling.
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Honorable Mentions

  • GNU Aspell, a free and open-source spell checker can either be used as a library or as an independent spell checker, suggesting replacements for a misspelled word with support for using multiple dictionaries.


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Used this software for years. Now that I have upgraded to WIN10 it acts quirky. It will not load at startup and sometimes it just stops for no good reason.

As of today, the links for tinyspell both go to a login page.

Thank you for pointing this out. The links have now been updated. MC - Site Manager.

it would be nice if technical articles are checked through it.