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I have only been looking at your site for about ten to fifteen minutes and felt compelled to send you a message to say "Thank you for not sucking". There's plenty of "Free Stuff" websites out there who simply spill out as much text as they can to maximize banner ad returns. It would appear that you are actually checking to see if this software is worth using in the real world. I have a certain appreciation of free software and often take note of authors [or utilities] I feel have done an exceptional job.

Thank you! Dave.


I just wanted to let you guys over there managing this site, my appreciation and thanks at a wonderful job and service that you are providing to the whole World. Thank you, and God bless.

Sincerely, Sam.


I've been a visitor to your website for a number of years with it becoming one of my main resources for freeware.  I just wanted to comment that the changes that have come about in the last year and the recent site redesign have turned this from an already great site to an awesome website.  Thanks for all of the effort that you all put into this.





Unfortunately what you are asking is not possible simply because there are too many possibilities. Also, developers using OpenCandy today may well switch to the Ask Toolbar tomorrow, so the overall situation is very fluid. As you can appreciate trying to keep hundreds of different pages updated with this information would be unsustainable. We do though try to offer some general advice as in these articles: From the above information, WinPatrol and Toolwiz Time Freeze are worth highlighting. MC - Site Manager.

Wondering if posting an edit to the "now hiring" page, specifically regarding syntax of terms "'principle' motivation" compared with "'principal' motivation'", might land me a spot as an editor or reviewer or such??? Thx, cc

Thanks for picking up the grammar error. I'll get it sorted. :) By all means use the form linked towards the bottom of that page to apply for one of our vacant categories. MC - Site Manager.

Upon following your link to change my password, I was taken to a page that did not address that procedure.

Thanx in advance.....In your article about Malware and downloading TDSSkiller you fail to mention that you might have to disable your Norton or other utilities.When trying to download tdss I got an error message basically stating that the program is unrecognizable or unknown and a possible threat.

You should never disable your security programs, especially when downloading and/or installing new software. Please consult your antivirus userguide for information about how this type of alert is generated and what to do about it. MC - Site Manager.
Which review is the product in?
I believe it is the PIM Xtreme link in the Best Free PIM under related products Looks like the product is making a move to Sourceforge. The product has not been updated since 2011, but there is activity on the project in March, 2013 at Sourceforge
Thanks a lot Steve :). I had searched for this yesterday, and was only able to find a reference for it in the comments section of the Best Free Finance category. Wondering how you found it from :D. I have now updated the link. Thanks to joabeilon and you :)
Ha I googled the site he put up and saw that it was for PIM Xtreme. A Google of that showed the page here and the Sourceforge site.
Ah, good thinking :).

It would help if in emails you hyperlinked the sites you suggest

Thanks for all your hard working creating this site.

My suggestion for the site would be a checklist of the software, with various items listed, such as the ability to use video for the menu, adding text to the screen, if there are add-ons with the installation, if the software is freeware or a trial version.

It might be fun to see what folks are looking for; maybe make a wish list.

Anyway, thanks for all the hard work!

Gizmo's Tab : Resources
Freeware Updates and News

Under Firefox 8.0 is mentioned (twice) ?
Current version of Firefox is 19.0.

Could you please replace this with a website
that brings something new.

Thank you for pointing this out. The feed has now been removed. MC - Site Manager.