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This list of Best Free iPad Apps now includes 142 apps in various categories. Despite more than 1 million iOS apps in Apple’s App Store available for download, we only select the best from the free ones running natively in full screen on your iPad, while iPhone apps running on the iPad in 1x or 2x mode are excluded from this list.

+ This plus sign is attached to the logo of an app which is designed for or compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. See also Best Free iPhone Apps.


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 Best Free Audio & Video for iPad

Best Free Drum App for iPad

Drums XD FREE (74.7 MB), a fabulous percussion drum app with fully customizable kits and sounds. You can arrange and tune pieces to your liking, select backgrounds, add effects, build playlists, share your session recordings and more. Ads supported in this free version.


Best Free Flip Book Animation for iPad

LED Studio HD Free (2.5 MB), make your own flip book animations easily using LED colors and multiple frames, with copy and paste, frame overlay, variable playback speed, save and load features. Ads supported in the free version.


Best Free Media Player for iPad

flex:player (8.3 MB), watch all your videos in multiple file formats including mp4, mov, m4v in HD quality, or avi, divx, xvid, vob and others in DV quality. You can transfer videos from your computer to your iPad using iTunes File Sharing via cable or Wi-Fi.


Best Free Movie Resource for iPad

IMDb Movies & TV (5.7 MB), watch trailers, browse photos, find latest releases, explore popular charts, rate movies and share movie info from a huge resource of more than 4 million titles, and 6 million celebrities, actors and actresses, directors and crew members.


Best Free Multimedia Streaming Software for iPad

VLC Streamer Free (4.3 MB), stream videos from your PC over an active Wi-Fi connection to your iPad, on which you can then watch almost all the video formats that VLC can play. Ads supported. The VLC Streamer Helper is needed on your PC.


Best Free Music Creation Software for iPad

Beatwave (13.2 MB), create your own music is easy and yet enjoyable using this app, with a standard 16 note sequence, four layers of recording space and other features including tone and tempo controls, beat visualizer, saving, loading and sharing tunes, etc. Sadly audio export is limited to the paid version.


Best Free Music Recognition for iPad

SoundHound (11.6 MB), what's that song? Tap the yellow button to identify music you hear playing, singing or humming, and in just a few seconds, SoundHound displays the song title, artist, album art, lyrics lookup and other details for you. It's fast and intuitive.


Best Free Music Streaming for iPad

Deezer Music (49.1 MB), stream and listen to music from a huge catalog of more than 36 million tracks in this popular app accessible in more than 180 countries, find out more music from New Releases, Top Playlists and Mixes, play with lyrics and add to your Favorite Tracks or playlists for playback. (App of the Week)


Best Free Music Video Catalog for iPad

VEVO HD (4.2 MB), search, watch and share your favorite music videos in a catalog containing 25,000 videos from more than 7,500 artists. You can also create playlists, explore music maps and stay in the know with your favorite artists via Twitter feeds.


Best Free Piano for iPad

Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD (8.1 MB), turn your device into a piano with good sound quality and learn the basics of music or just having fun. You can get two sets of piano keys, tap the arrows to move each keyboard by one key or one octave, adjust settings for volume, key labels, etc., but no tuning, recording or other advanced features in this free version.


Magic Piano (38.7 MB), experience the fun of playing piano with the keyboard in a variety of styles or by tapping on the beams of light to create melodies, share your musical skills with friends, enjoy a large catalog of songs or listen to other players' performances, all in this popular app. Additional songs require in-app purchases.


Best Free Radio Broadcasting for iPad

TuneIn Radio (12.7 MB), listen to local or worldwide ratio station streams on the web, find an extensive selection of local radio, music, talk, sports and podcasts from over 50,000 stations, and preset your favorite channels at ease.


Best Free Remote Control for iPad

Remote (14.8 MB), turn your mobile device into a remote control unit to browse and play music and video files in your iTunes on your computer—once it's set up, just sit back in a sofa and enjoy. This app also controls Apple TV.


Best Free Video Maker for iPad

Video Star (14.4 MB), make your own music video easily—select a song from your library and record video as the music plays. You can choose and edit a special video effect for recording and share your masterpiece with your friends on social network, but a small watermark is imposed on ending frames of exported videos. (App of the Week)


Best Free Video Sharing for iPad

YouTube (11.6 MB), search, view and share videos from the popular video sharing site YouTube with this official app in a clean user interface, or upload a video to YouTube right away from your mobile device.

 Best Free Disk, File, Desktop and System for iPad

Best Free File Manager for iPad

FileApp (17.8 MB), transfer files between your PC and iPad wirelessly via Wi-Fi using File Transfer Protocol, or via a USB cable using iTunes File Sharing, and easily browse, view, search or remove these files on your iPad. Most file formats are supported but some features such as create and rename folders are not available in the free version. (App of the Week)


Best Free File Transfer for iPad

Send Anywhere (16.2 MB), send any files of any size to anywhere in the world across multiple platforms without the need to sign up or login, using a temporary 6-digit key to receive files within a time limit; or send and receive files between logged-in devices more conveniently without a 6-digit key.


Dukto (6.3 MB), a simple yet effective tool to send files, folders or text snippets to another device on a local area network (LAN) easily with no Internet connection required. It works across multiple platforms and allows sending data to auto detected devices or a destination with a device's IP address. (App of the Week)


SHAREit (21.6 MB), send and receive files wirelessly between iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows devices at fast speed without going through the cloud. Files are grouped by category accessible from within the app. (App of the Week)


Best Free Online Backup for iPad

Dropbox (13.2 MB), upload and access your files including photos, docs and videos from your iPad, and sync them between your computers and mobile devices on the go. Easy to use—tap a file to view, copy or email links to share, or set as Favorites. A good alternative to iCloud built into your iPad. (Review) (App of the Week)


Google Drive (56.9 MB), store your files including documents, photos and videos in this free cloud storage up to 15 GB for backup and access anywhere. You can share any files with your contacts or access files shared with you. Even better, you can use this app to create and edit a Google document and spreadsheet, and pin files to make them available offline.


OneDrive (6.4 MB), previously known as SkyDrive, offers 7 GB of free online storage as part of Microsoft services for new subscribers. The app allows you to upload files, photos and videos from your device to OneDrive, open files in other apps and share files by sending a link. The built-in feature Camera Backup lets you upload photos and videos automatically.


Best Free System Monitor for iPad

System Status Lite (1.5 MB), monitor your iPad's basic parameters including disk usage, battery level , CPU load, network connections, system boot time and uptime, with real time updates when the parameters change, but memory details and other info are only available to the full version.


Activity Monitor Touch Free (9.4 MB), show your device information including model, name, OS version and universal device identifier (UDID), free memory and remaining disk space, network status, battery status and battery level monitoring.


Best Free Wallpaper App for iPad

Cool Wallpapers HD & Retina Free (22.1 MB), browse over 20,000 wallpapers by new or popular items, search or filter them by categories, choose the wallpaper you like and add glow or other effects, share it with friends or save into your iPad. Changing wallpapers requires the default Photos app.

 Best Free Education for iPad

Best Free Articles and Answers for iPad

HowStuffWorks for iPad (33.6 MB), access more than 40,000 articles, videos, quizzes and podcasts with clear explanations of how things work. Love a topic? Then dig deeper by accessing Related Stuff to uncover new content, or type some keywords to search the entire archive right from the app.


Best Free Astronomy Software for iPad

Planets (8.7 MB), view the sky above you in 2D and 3D views, identify the stars, planets and constellations with helpful labels, find out when the planets will be visible, and enjoy the interactive rotating globe of planets with this impressive astronomy app.


Best Free Language Learning for iPad

Duolingo (28.0 MB), a popular and high quality app for you to learn another language from the language you're familiar with, either it's Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, or English. It's fun, addictive and allows you to track your progress with shiny achievements. No fees, no ads and no gimmicks.


Best Free Medical Reference for iPad

Medscape (4.9 MB), a comprehensive medical app allows you to access more than 4,000 clinical reference articles, over 10,000 drugs, conditions, procedures and treatment guides, with interaction checker, daily medical news and alerts. You can also download the clinical reference for offline access.


WebMD (5.2 MB), select a part of the body that's troubling you, choose your symptoms and learn about potential conditions, search for drugs and treatments, find out their uses, side effects and warnings, and access first aid information from the extensive database. A must have tool for medical reference.


Best Free Menstral Cycle Tracker for iPad

iPeriod Free for iPad (15.6 MB), a good app for ladies to track their menstrual cycles up to a year in advance, complete with a calendar showing expected periods, fertile days, ovulation and weight, as well as notes with emoticons and unique icons symbolizing your symptoms. Ads supported in the free version.


Best Free Publishing and Reading for iPad

Free Books - Wattpad eBook Reader for iPad (24.9 MB), a remarkable app connects writers to readers instantly and has a huge library of millions of books and stories available for free. Writers can easily publish their work, build a fan base and receive feedback, while readers can collect stories into reading lists, post comments, vote for their favorites and share with friends.


Best Free Quiz Tool for iPad

Evernote Peek (11.2 MB), make full use of the iPad2 Smart Cover for studying—after choosing a notebook, close the cover and peek under it to see a clue, then lift it more to see the answer and give a mark, repeat this until you complete the quiz and check your total score. Try also create your own study notebooks with Evernote.


Best Free Science Knowledge Network for iPad

Science360 for iPad (11.0 MB), pan through hundreds of science and engineering images and videos published by the National Science Foundation in the unique 360 view, and keep abreast of breaking stories in scientific discovery. You can also search the content by tags or via keyboard with a two-finger tap, mark favorite items and share them easily with your friends.


Best Free Story Book for iPad

Toy Story Read-Along (170 MB), hear the story read aloud, record your own narration and enjoy a fully interactive reading experience packed with simple games, movie clips, coloring pages and sing-along tunes. A superb story book app and definitely a good education tool for kids. (App of the Week)


Best Free Talks and Lectures for iPad

TED (12.0 MB), talks at TED events usually last around 30 minutes and cover everything from technology to art to medicine to music. Almost all of the talks are online for you to watch at your leisure or they can even be downloaded with the app for offline viewing.


Best Free Workout Tracker for iPad

Action Burn (4.6 MB), track your running and bike workouts with GPS and build a better body with this app, complete with a calorie counter to calculate average pace and calories burnt for you. It's also a social network for you to stay connected with your workout enthusiasts. Some advanced features only available in the paid version.

 Best Free Games for iPad

Best Free Action Game for iPad

Fruit Ninja HD Lite (17.5 MB), swipe the screen to cut as many fruits as possible and get scores in this fast action game. It's game over if you slice a bomb or let more than 3 pieces of fruit fall off in the free Classic mode. Try also a taste of the local multiplayer mode - Zen Duel.


NinJump HD (16.8 MB), tap to jump from one wall to the other, clear obstacles from the air but avoid them on walls, and rise to the top to become a ninja master. A game of fast action and precision, with original sound and music.


Hungry Shark - Part 1 HD (26.3 MB), tilt your device to raid the ocean and chomp your way to the top of the food chain but avoid enemies. A fast-paced addictive action game mixed with realistic sound and exciting music even in Part 1 which is free.


iStunt 2 HD - Insane Hills (18.2 MB), balance the snowboarder by tilting your iPad and hit the slopes for some serious shredding and performing incredible stunts in this fun and fast moving game, with awesome music and beautiful sceneries.


Critical Missions: SWAT Lite (63.1 MB), enjoy this fast paced 3D first-person shooter (FPS) game and play against customizable bots such as Terrorists and Zombies, with smooth and responsive touch controls, various weapons and multiple game modes, pre-installed and downloadable unique maps.


Best Free Air Hockey for iPad

Air Hockey Gold (17.1 MB), play a computer opponent with a choice of six levels, or get a friend and grab your mallet to see who dominates the air hockey table in 2-player mode. Be the first to score 7 points to win the game with an option for 1 or 2 pucks. Ad supported.


Best Free Backgammon for iPad

Backgammon Gold (23.4 MB), bear off your checkers and win this popular board game with 2 game variations, 2 board designs, several difficulty levels and 4 tournaments against the computer, 2 players mode, undo function, save and reload game. Ad supported.


Best Free Billiards and Pool Game for iPad

Pool Break Lite (8.2 MB), enjoy realistic snooker and pool games against the computer or simply pass-n-play with a friend, with immersive 3D graphic design and user settings. Regular carrom and crokinole are included but no online play is supported in the free version.


Best Free Breakout Game for iPad

Breakout Boost (13.4 MB), move your paddle left and right, let the ball bounce up to destroy all the bricks and reach the next level in this easy-to-play breakout game, offering 5 levels free, various ball types, controllable speed, auto save and resume games.


Best Free Card Game for iPad

Solitaire (15.1 MB), play the most popular version of Solitaire with a slider to control the mix of random and winning deals to your liking—a winning deal is guaranteed to have a solution which can be shown to you. Other features include auto save, unlimited undo, hint and more.


FreeCell Free (5.1 MB), deal a FreeCell game from a random shuffle or select game by entering a seed number from the well-known one million deals using the same algorithm and seeds as in Windows. Most games are solvable but at varying degrees of difficulty.


Hearts Multiplayer HD (19.6 MB), test your moon-shooting skills against a computer with options for score and time limits, difficulty levels and allowing Jack of Diamonds, or play against real people over the Internet easily—just tap "Play Multiplayer" and the game starts automatically after 3 other players have joined in.


Best Free Casual Game for iPad

Talking Ben the Dog (71.1 MB), a popular fun game to cheer you up for a good moment—talk to Ben who repeats everything you say with a funny voice, press buttons to make him eat, drink or belch, or press the phone button and have a conversation with him. Try also other variations such as Talking Tom Cat.


Best Free Chinese Chess for iPad

Action Chinese Chess Free (22.5 MB), a well-designed Chinese chess to play against a computer engine with 10 difficulty levels, or play and pass with friends on the same device or via the Internet without the need to register. Other features include undo moves, hints, sound effects and auto saving games.


Best Free Computer Chess for iPad (10.0 MB), play chess against a computer with adjustable strengths, explore a library of over 35,000 puzzles and choose the winning moves, or play online against real people with this premier chess app, featuring an intuitive menu system, various piece designs and color schemes, optional sound effects and email your game as PGN text.


Stockfish Chess (7.1 MB), a strong chess program with several play styles, book varieties, game modes and adjustable strengths at your choice, and supports for undo/redo moves by swiping, saving and loading games in PGN format, setting up board positions, different piece sets and color schemes.


Best Free Computer Go for iPad

Little Go (18.9 MB), play this strategy game against your friend or computer opponent with a built-in Fuego engine of adjustable strengths. It offers multiple board sizes, various settings such as handicaps, compensation points (komi) and rulesets, undo and review moves, game archives and more. (App of the Week)


Best Free Gomoku for iPad

Mega Tic Tac Toe Online (6.0 MB), a five-in-a-row game designed with a paper-and-pencil feel and good for one player against computer AI, two players or online. Unlike other Gomoku games, it has a rule requires you to play only next to an occupied cell. (App of the Week)


Best Free Jigsaw Puzzle and Creator for iPad

Jigsaw Jumble (19.5 MB), pre-installed with 50 high quality and attractive images, each with a choice of cutting into 25, 36 or 49 pieces, optional rotation, sound and music, hint and save features. Not enough puzzles? Select a photo from the Camera Roll to create one of your own. Ads supported.


Best Free Mahjong for iPad

Mahjong Towers Touch HD (75.1 MB), a Mahjong solitaire game based on simple skill—clear the board of tiles by matching identical pairs that are exposed and free to move left or right. Free features include 15 layouts in a standard tileset, dynamic undo, tile reveal and relaxing music.


Best Free Match-2 Puzzle for iPad

Flow Free (3.3 MB), connect two dots in the same color with a pipe to form a flow, and complete a level by filling up the entire board with pipes without crossing or overlapping. Simple yet addictive, with different board sizes, multiple levels in the free-play mode, and various durations in the time-trial mode. (App of the Week)


Trainyard Express (7.7 MB), lay down tracks to guide trains from their starting points to the stations matching in color, with skills needed for crossing over, merging trains and mixing colors as you try to solve more than 60 puzzles in this fun and addictive game good for all ages.


Best Free Match-3 Puzzle for iPad

Fire Ball (41.6 MB), shoot a new ball to match two or more rolling balls of the same colors and clear them before they spin into abyss, and gain access to more challenging levels in this fast paced and addictive match-3 puzzle game. You get the full version for free if you reach 59,999 points in exercise mode. (App of the Week)


Candy Crush Saga (49.7 MB), crush candies by matching three or more of them and meet a target within limited moves for the next level in this popular addictive game, with more than 300 levels to win and free lives to get from Facebook friends. Advance features need in-app purchases.


Mr Giggle 2 HD Lite (15.5 MB), match 3 or 4 same-color tiles in Giggle shapes and collect enough points to get to the next levels. A simple, fun and addictive game to play, but not easy to win as your time is limited in all three game modes and with more colors to match in higher levels.


Move the Box , move, drop and swap the boxes to match three or more boxes of the same kind in a line, and clear them with a limited number of moves. More than 190 exciting levels of difficulty waiting for you to solve. (App of the Week)


Best Free Music Game for iPad

Tap Tap Radiation (20.2 MB), tap the targets on your screen to the beats of music and score points for accuracy and timing—an addictive game in four difficulty levels, mixed with your musical tastes with more than 30 free tracks to choose from, but premium tracks are at a price.


Best Free Physics Game for iPad

Angry Birds HD (47.4 MB), use the unique powers of angry birds to destroy the fortresses of pigs who stole their eggs. A challenging physics-based gameplay with multiple levels set in various episodes, needing logic, skill and force to solve. Advanced features require in-app purchases. (App of the Week)


Angry Birds Rio HD (43.2 MB), a special edition that pairs the original game Angry Birds with unique twists based on the hit motion picture, Rio, containing 6 fantastic episodes with multiple levels to achieve and special hidden fruits to discover. Advanced features require in-app purchases.


Cut the Rope HD Free (105 MB), cut the ropes by swiping your fingers across them and feed candy to the creature Om Nom. It's not always simple as you might need to think outside the box in this game which combines realistic physics with precise touch controls and challenging levels.


Where's My Water? 2 (41.7 MB), dig trenches through the dirt and guide water through the pipes to the bathtub for Swampy to get squeaky clean in this popular physics-based Disney game that's fun, strong and engaging with multi levels in various chapters, suitable for all ages. (App of the Week)


Best Free Pinball for iPad

Pinball HD Collection (213 MB), save and beat your high scores by manipulating metal balls on a pinball table designed with realistic physics, 3D graphic, music and sound effects, camera settings and more. The Wild West table is free but others require in-app purchases.


Best Free Reversi for iPad

Reversi HD * (17.7 MB), a minute to learn—take your turns to place a disc to sandwich one or more lines of your opponent's discs then they become yours—but a lifetime to master. Try this game app designed with quality graphics, optional music and sound effects, adjustable difficulty level, undo, auto save and resume functions. Ad supported.


Best Free Running Game for iPad

Alto's Odyssey sets you to an endless sandboarding journey to explore and discover secrets in a vast and majestic desert with smooth, pleasing graphics and original relaxing music, complete with multiple levels and preset goals to achieve. (App of the Week)


Temple Run (19.5 MB), take the idol from the temple and see how far you can run away from its guardians who will chase you down the ancient temple walls and sheer cliffs. Easy to play—just swipe left or right to turn, up to jump, down to slide and tilt to run by the side to avoid obstacles and collect points to gain more power-ups from this addictive and endless running game.


Jetpack Joyride (19.0 MB), guide Barry to run around a secret lab as far as possible and to avoid obstacles such as lasers, electrified zappers and incoming missiles, while get him to pick up vehicles to drive along the path faster and collect coins to upgrade. One-touch controls, easy to play and yet equally challenging.


Sonic Dash (98.4 MB), play as Sonic the hedgehog to jump over spikes, dash below overhangs, collect rings and spin your way across stunning 3D environments in order to achieve high scores and challenge your friends on the leather boards in this fast-paced endless running game. Some power-ups require in-app purchases.


Best Free Shoot 'Em Up for iPad

Boomblastica (31.8 MB), battle and blast your way through fierce and challenging enemies using unique weapons found across each level, with music changes on your moves. A new experience to enjoy in this game if you like an arcade video game like Space Invaders.


Best Free Simulation Game for iPad

Hay Day (107 MB), get back to nature and experience the simple and lively life of working the land and fishing the waters in this popular farming game, which allows you to produce and trade goods with neighbors and friends, participate in team competitions and more. (App of the Week)


Smurfs' Village (108 MB), combining elements of FarmVilla and Sim City, this app allows you to grow crops and build a new village with your own creativity for the Smurfs to call home. A popular and addictive farming simulation game to engage you for days and months without paying a cent unless you opt for speed-up credits.


ATC Mania (11.3 MB), draw lines to direct airplanes to runways and helicopters to helipads but avoid any mid-air collisions. A simple yet addictive ATC (Air Traffic Control) simulation game with three maps that can engage your interest and attention for hours. Ads appear upon game over.


Best Free Sliding Puzzle for iPad

Mouse (15.7 MB), help the mouse escape from the trap by sliding blocks and find the exit in a maze. A highly addictive game challenges your skill and patience, with many levels of puzzles to solve.


Best Free Sudoku for iPad

Sudoku Joy (3.9 MB), keep your brain sharp or pass your free time by playing this well-designed Sudoku game, with tutorials, undo/redo, pencil marks, hints and solver, save and resume games. It comes with 16 difficulty levels but you can use the app to create a puzzle yourself or scan one from books or newspaper using the built-in camera. Ad supported.


Best Free Word Game for iPad

Wordfeud (6.6 MB), play up to 30 separate word games simultaneously with your friends or against random opponents at your own pace using English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish dictionaries, with shuffle, swap, scoring tiles, chats and other features. Ads supported.


Words With Friends HD Free (13.6 MB), build words with your friends or a random opponent over the Internet, play up to 20 games simultaneously with the turn-based design, and stay in touch with friends and family with in-game chat messaging. Ads supported in the free version.


4 Pics 1 Word (49.0 MB), identify something in common in the four pictures shown and give your answer in one word in this easy-to-play addictive puzzle game, with multiple levels to unlock for free but a fast track requires in-app purchases.

 Best Free Home & Office for iPad

Best Free Alarm Clock for iPad

Nightstand Central Free (21.9 MB), an easy-to-use alarm clock allows for setting multiple alarms for different days with weather conditions, adjustable snooze time, alarm sounds and wallpaper displays. It works even if the device is sleeping or the screen is locked.


Best Free Calculator for iPad

HiCalc - Calculator for iPad (22.6 MB), a feature-rich calculator in an intuitive interface with no ads, available in Standard, String or RPN mode, supporting precision up to 31 digits with scientific functions, constants library, expression history and more.


PCalc Lite (10.6 MB), a well-designed calculator with multiple undo and redo by swapping the result panel or tapping the buttons. It comes with scientific functions, basic conversions, adjustable theme, digits and key click.


Best Free Comic Book Reader for iPad

Comics (15.0 MB), a comic book reader allows you to zoom in on any panel with Guided View Technology for your reading pleasure. In a large library of comics available from the in-app store, you can download more than 500 comics for free.


ComicFlow (35.9 MB), read comic files in CBR, CBZ or PDF formats in a polished interface, with support for marking a file as read or new by touching and holding a thumbnail. You can import a large collection of comic files easily from your PC using iTunes or a WebDAV client such as BitKinex or Cyberduck.


Best Free Cooking Tools for iPad

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List (33.7 MB), search more than 30,000 delicious recipes from Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Self, renowned chefs and cookbooks, save or email your favorite recipes, compile and share shopping checklists based on the recipes you've selected. A must-have tool for kitchen lovers.


Best Free Dictionary and Thesaurus for iPad (58.1 MB), search words offline with this app that includes nearly 2 million words with definitions, synonyms and antonyms. Extra features include audio pronunciation, voice-to-text search, hyperlinked words, Word and Question of the Day, and the Hot Word blog.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary HD (25.1 MB), type in a word to look up its definitions, example sentences, synonyms and antonyms accessible offline, or speak a word to search when you're online. Other features include audio pronunciation, hyperlinked words, scrolling index, Word of the Day and recent searches. Ads supported.


Best Free E-Book Reader for iPad

iBooks (43.1 MB), download and read books by flipping through pages with a swipe or tap, bookmark and add notes to your favorite pages. Other features include portrait and landscape modes, search functions, settings for font sizes, screen brightness, white or sepia colored pages. Supports ePub and PDF formats.


Kindle (8.2 MB), best for reading Kindle books on white, black or sepia colored pages in portrait or landscape mode, with adjustable font sizes and brightness, word lookups, Google and Wikipedia links, and syncing your last page read, notes, bookmarks and highlights across devices. No in-app bookstore.


Best Free Encyclopedia for iPad

Wikipedia Mobile (5.0 MB), search in your preset language for useful information from millions of articles written collaboratively by volunteers around the world with this official app optimized for your iPad, with today's featured article, save pages for offline viewing and other features such as optional font size, copy and share.


Wikipanion for iPad (4.8 MB), searching for useful information from millions of articles in Wikipedia is made faster and easier with Wikipanion. It streamlines your browsing with table of contents, bookmark and history, in-page searching, Wiktionary lookup, font resizing and more.


Fotopedia Heritage (10.8 MB), a photo encyclopedia gives you more than 25,000 high quality images of World Heritage sites with point-of-interest descriptions, slideshow, search and navigation, travel planning and other useful features.


Best Free Genealogy or Family Tree for iPad

Ancestry (16.3 MB), an easy-to-use app to build and update a family tree of yours, or scour the research library by name to trace historical records with individual info, family, photos and evidence.


Best Free Notepad and Notebook for iPad

Evernote (38.1 MB), take notes, ideas, pictures and recordings with your iPad, and sync them instantly to your Web, Mac or PC version. Not only can it index all your notes, Evernote recognizes the actual text within the pictures so that you can search them easily.


Bamboo Paper (25.2 MB), sketch your thoughts or share your ideas with your handwritten notes with adjustable pen points and colors on this superb digital paper notebook. You can undo or redo writing, send a page image in PNG format or a notebook in PDF format via email to others.


PaperPort Notes (4.8 MB), an impressive app allows you to take notes using a keyboard, free hand or your voice, add a websnap, or even insert a PDF, Powerpoint, text or image file from your cloud storage account, and combine them into a single document that you can organize and share with your friends and family.


Best Free Office Suite for iPad

Quickoffice (59.8 MB), create and edit Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel and Powerpoint files without the need to convert to Google Docs. You can store the documents in Google Drive for access anywhere online, or save them locally on your mobile device for working offline. (App of the Week)


CloudOn (16.8 MB), a free app and online service using your Dropbox account to create, view, edit and save your office documents including Word, Excel and Powerpoint files in a familiar user interface as your desktop version of the office suite. Pretty good but a bit slow in responsiveness.


Best Free Reminder /To-Do List for iPad

Astrid Tasks/To-do List (12.2 MB), get stuff done with this easy-to-use reminder and to-do list, with full features such as calendar integration, adding notes, setting priorities, repeating reminders, voice recognition and push notifications. You can also collaborate on projects with friends and sync your tasks automatically across your phone and


Remember The Milk (10.7 MB) allows you to add and complete tasks on the go, organize tasks with priorities, due dates, time estimates, repeating, lists and tags, and sync with Remember The Milk online. Some advanced features including unlimited sync and push notifications are for Pro version only.


Best Free Translator for iPad

Google Translate (2.3 MB), instantly translate words and phrases between more than 60 languages with voice input and text-to-speech supports. Other features include offline access to history and favorite items, display translations in full screen mode and more.


iTranslate (13.1 MB), enter text or swipe to paste it from your clipboard and get your translation instantly from one language into another. Support for over 50 languages, Text-to-Speech, history and favorite lists, but voice recognition is excluded from the free version.


Best Free Unit and Currency Converter for iPad

Units (2.4 MB), convert more than 800 units across 43 different categories, and between 88 different currencies with rates updated daily. You can streamline your workflow by choosing which units to display, and in case you can't find a ruler, it's here as a bonus.


myConvert Lite (4.0 MB), choose a category and tap a unit to convert to other units. It's fast, handy and easy to use, with supports for most common units, selected currencies and user defined units. More units are available for the paid version.


XE Currency (6.2 MB), a fast and efficient currency converter lets you convert every world currency on-the-go at live currency rates or the last updated rates when you work off-line. You can also view charts for the exchange rates fluctuated in the past 24 hours up to one year.


Best Free Voice Recognition for iPad

Dragon Dictation (9.6 MB), save typing and use your voice to text or email your friends, send notes and reminders to yourself, update your Facebook status or tweet to the world, faster and quicker when you are on-the-go. Supports a multitude of global languages.

 Best Free Internet, eMail & Network for iPad

Best Free Web Browser for iPad

Dolphin Browser HD (10.5 MB), an intelligent web browser for your iPad with tabbed and full-screen browsing, complete with many useful features including Webzine, side bars, speed dials, gestures, bookmarks, download management, find on page, desktop and private modes.


Chrome (18.6 MB), a popular browser for you to search and browse fast, sync your open tabs, bookmarks, passwords, and omnibox data from your computer to your phone or tablet, and open a tab in Incognito mode to browse without saving your history. (Review)


Opera Mini (5.0 MB), Opera Mini gives you fast pageloads as it uses powerful servers to compress Web pages by up to 90% before sending them to your mobile device, with Speed Dial to get you to favorite sites quickly, and Opera Link to synchronize your bookmarks across devices such as a desktop PC and a mobile phone.


Terra Browser (2.7 MB), a good alternative web browser with unlimited tabs, full screen browsing, text search, bookmarks, incognito mode, passcode protection, ability to save web pages for offline reading, integration with Mail Link, Facebook, Twitter, Readitlater and more.


Best Free Instant Messaging for iPad

imo messenger for iPad (15.8 MB), you don't need to create a new account with imo, but just sign in your existing IM accounts to stay in touch with your friends and family. Supported IM accounts include Facebook Chat, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber and Myspace.


Best Free Social Network for iPad

Facebook (10.5 MB), share your personal profile, check out news feed, send messages, upload photos and chat with friends on Facebook using this official app with intuitive navigation, a user-friendly interface and image-centric layout optimized for use on your iPad.


Google+ (17.0 MB), find and invite people to your circles of friends and family, share your profile, thoughts and photos or hangout with them, tap Home to get their updates and see what people nearby are saying. A new app designed for both iPad and iPhone.


Twitter (14.2 MB), a dedicated Twitter app for iOS devices to post a tweet on the go and discover what's happening right now anywhere in the world. When run on the iPad, it comes with sliding panes to make full use of the larger screen area.


Best Free Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for iPad

Skype for iPad (28.0 MB), make Skype-to-Skype voice or video calls or send instant messages over 3G or WiFi network on the move. Other features, such as making cheap calls to landlines or mobiles, need to be unlocked and paid for.


Best Free News Reader or Feed Aggregator for iPad

Flipboard (10.5 MB), flip through the news from websites, or the updates and photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., all in a magazine layout that's easy and fun to read. You can also customize your Flipboard with sections you like, share articles and photos, or comment on posts.


Pulse News (20.2 MB), manage your news sources in tabbed pages, browse stories by sliding visual mosaics and tap one to read in full. What's more? Add stories to your accessible on the Web, or share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email. (App of the Week)


Zite (20.3 MB), pick World News, Music, Film & TV, Arts & Culture, Finance or any other sections you like from mainstream publications and sites to include in your personalized magazine. It's superb for your iPad and works automatically as you use, read and view content.


Feeddler RSS Reader (4.8 MB), a fast Google Reader client that syncs with your Google account and presents RSS feeds in an easy-to-read interface. Support multiple accounts, feed management, unread item filtering, cache for offline reading, sorting, tagging, sharing and more.


Best Free Bookmark Manager for iPad

Pocket (formerly Read It Later) (6.1 MB), ever come across something on the web you want to view but can't at that time on a browser? Add it to your Pocket bookmark list from your PC or mobile for viewing at your leisure. This app downloads articles or web contents (except videos) in the list to your iPad for offline viewing too. (App of the Week)


Google Search (12.9 MB), search the Web with this official Google Search app and get search results and suggestions instantly as you type, take a picture with your device camera, or even speak into your iPad. Also with easy access to other Google products from the app.


Google Earth (27.0 MB), hold the globe in your palm and tour the world with a wipe of your finger to search for cities, places and business with millions of geo-located photos and other useful information. You can also tap the Location Icon to zoom from space to your current location in just a few seconds.


Waze social GPS traffic & gas (27.9 MB), a voice-guided navigation app complete with live maps, turn-by-turn directions, automatic re-routing as conditions on the road change, and community generated real-time traffic and road alerts including accidents, hazards, police traps and more. (App of the Week)


Best Free Weather Monitoring for iPad

The Weather Channel Max for iPad (7.8 MB), a creative app delivers in-depth weather forecasts for the next 24 hours and a longer span of 10 days, with innovative weather maps, active alerts, a robust video library and real-time Twitter feeds from popular TWC Tweeters.


Weather HD Free (115 MB), monitor the current and hourly forecast weather at your chosen locations around the world, presented in high definition videos but at the expense of a big file to download. Two cities can be preset in the free version.


Best Free Remote Access Software for iPad

TeamViewer HD (11.7 MB), access to remote computers from your iPad to help your friends and family with their computer problems or to your own computer with all its documents and installed applications. Free for non-commercial use. (Review)


Best Free Wi-Fi Finder for iPad

Wi-Fi Finder (4.3 MB), locate and bookmark free or paid Wi-Fi hotspots closest to you easily with this app supporting over 650,000 locations in 144 countries worldwide. You can also download its database so that you will be able to search for hotspots even when you're offline.


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 Best Free Photos & Graphics for iPad

Best Free Doodle Pad for iPad

Doodle Buddy (13.5 MB), add doodles, stamps or text to your photos or other backgrounds you chose, then save or send them to your friends and relatives. It's rich in features as you can draw with multiple fingers, pick a color and select a pen type or size you like, undo or shake your iPad to clear. Have fun!


Best Free Image Editor for iPad

Snapseed (24.5 MB), a capable and powerful photo editing app which is good for both professionals and amateurs. It's easy to use at your fingertips, either swipe left and right on top of the photo to adjust what a filter does, or swipe up and down to gain more controls of the filters. (App of the Week)


Adobe Photoshop Express (35.9 MB), edit photos on your iPad easily—touch to crop, rotate, adjust exposure, saturation, tint, black and white or contrast, and add artistic effects or borders, then save them or upload to Facebook or Nice interface but no resizer is included.


Pixlr-o-matic (19.7 MB), adding special effects to your photos is as easy as you count one, two, three—snap a photo from the camera or select one from the library, then choose a color filter, a lighting effect and a good frame from the many choices included, and save or share your cool-looking photo with friends. (App of the Week)


Best Free Image Generator for iPad

Absolute Vintage Studio Lite (27.7 MB), put your face into original photo portraits, add eyeglasses, beards or a hat, and turn yourself into a person from the 1940's or 1970's, then save or share your creations through emails or social networks. It's quick and easy.


Best Free Paint Program for iPad

DrawCast (4.4 MB), a drawing app with many advanced features including customizable soft and hard brushes, blend and blur, layer controls, zoomable paintings, mixing colors and an eyedropper tool. You can save your paintings to Photo Library or share them via email or social networks.


The Guardian Eyewitness (27.3 MB), view a series of most distinctive and provocative photographs appearing in the center spread of the Guardian newspaper each day, with photo captions, Pro tips and features for saving photos as favorites and sharing them via email, Twitter and Facebook. See also Fotopedia Heritage.

 Best Free Security and Privacy for iPad

Best Free Device Tracker for iPad

Find My iPhone (17.0 MB), not just iPhone, you can find your iPad if lost. Run this app on another iOS device, sign in with your Apple ID to locate your missing device on a Google map, send a message or play a sound on the device, lock it, or even erase your data remotely. See also: How to Find Your iPad.


Best Free Password Manager for iPad

LastPass Password Manager (64.2 MB), sync and manage all your passwords in the account across multiple devices securely and reliably with encryption and decryption done on your device and not on the servers. (App of the Week)


Best Free Private Library for iPad

Private Photo Vault (8.9 MB), manage your private photos into albums with a password. Useful features include import and export, slideshow, built-in basic editor and more. Unfortunately this free lite version only allows for 2 albums per account and some advanced features are limited.